27 September 2023

Time to fly-by

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credit: Deagreez

Time could be flying in the national capital in the year ahead but for at least one energy agency, it promises to beat the sound barrier.

Announcing earlier this month that an innovative trial of a new energy market is to be tried in Canberra to allow solar panelled householders with excess energy to sell the overflow on a local energy market, Australia’s renewable energy agency (ARENA) said the new market “would allow customers in Canberra to make the most of their ‘consumer energy’,”.

“The project is expected to run for 18 months,” the official media release estimated, “(With) final results being released in early 2021”.

PS-sssst! might be a bit slow off the renewable energy blocks but to our chaff-driven calendar, 18 months from March 2020 looks to be a tad later than ‘early 2021’.

Strong principals

And still in Canberra, a recent update on the impact the Coronavirus pandemic is having on the city’s Australian National University (ANU) reveals that the Uni has been infiltrated with teachers – not just ordinary teachers, but headmasters!

According to the ANU’s update, the university has created a ‘Critical Response Team’ to protect the hundreds of staff working across its campus.

“The team consists of seven groups, each with a specific focus and under the leadership of a senior ANU staff member,” the update says, before referring to the teachers.

“The principals upon which our response is based are to limit community transmission and to ensure safe university continuity through a positive and engaged community,” it declared

“We are guided by the principal.”

PS-sssst! hopes the university’s all-powerful principals are also guided by the appropriate principles that will ensure their responses reach the right outcomes.

Giving them away!

To Rama Gaind’s giveaway now in which a long list of lucky readers have taken the chance to become new owners of the DVDs Ashes in the Snow or Teacher simply by knowing the simple answers to Rama’s cunningly simple quiz questions and entering her weekly giveaway game.

To win the epic Ashes in the Snow all the contestants needed to know was the name of the author who wrote the novel the movie was based on. and for Teacher, the name of the victim in the film.

And the winners were ….. :

For Ashes in the Snow – V.C. from the Australian Taxation Office, Mark S from the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment and Jan B from RevenueSA were all able to name Ruta Sepetys as the author of the novel Between Shades of Gray which inspired the movie.

For Teacher – Carol C of the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, Adrian S from the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works and Elizabeth P from the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment all identified Preston Walsh (played by Matthew Garry) as the victim in Teacher and were the first out of the PS News Barrel of Booty to greet the judges.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who took part. The prizewinners’ new DVDs will be on their way to their new homes shortly.

For more chances to enlist in Rama’s Army of well-off winners, follow these links and try your luck. The Languages of Leadership here and Matchfit here.

Good luck to all who do!

Rama vs Virus

Credit: alexsl

Staying with our Giveaway Guress, Rama Gaind now whose verdict is in on the villainous virus, and it’s not virtuous!

Facing a valueless void for some of her foreseen freebies in the weeks ahead, our vexed virtuoso Rama lamented the possible loss of the gratis giveaways, vehemently pointing her finger at the now vandalous villain, the virus.

“COVID-19 measures have played havoc with my giveaway schedule,” the queen of the giveaway reported.

“With three top DVDs literally falling through for the next six weeks, it is distressing as they were some top-name titles.”

But never being one to give up, the resourceful and remarkable Rama wasn’t going to let a venomous vermin like a trivial virus come between her and her giveaway bucket, cheerfully declaring that the show would go on.

“I now have to re-jig my plans to compensate for these losses,” she admitted unshakeably.

“I have to turn to ‘Plan B’.”

Watch this space!

Home page come home

And finally, PS News unveils an exciting new Home Page this week bristling with direct links to all the latest PS news from all the latest editions of PS News reporting on all the Public Services served around the country.

Unveiled at the link psnews.com.au, the new page offers readers from every corner of the continent direct access to their nearest or favourite public sector, and to its latest bulletin and its latest news.

And in another PS News first, once you’re in your favourite website, you can stay there forever or return to the full Network Home Page with a simple click on the “Network News” button.

Another breakthrough for PS News?

Yep! Even if we report it ourselves.

Till next week……

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