25 September 2023

The Power of Real Confidence

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Reviewed by Rama Gaind.

By Michelle Sales, Major Street Publishing, $29.95.

Learning how to be in front, and to realise your full potential, will not be difficult with The Power of Real Confidence.

A highly resourceful motivator, Sales provides the tools and actionable advice to present a proven confidence model that will lead to you being able to reach your full capability.

Sales is passionate about helping people to tap into their true potential – in leadership and in life. The speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach has helped thousands of senior leaders and their team learn to show up as the best version of themselves, to guide their confidence and influence with others and to maximise their leadership and performance.

She translates complex research into easily understandable, practical and vital tools essential for any leader looking to build their own capability and confidence, along with that of their team.

In this book, Sales provides the links to why conviction is vital to leadership success at both the individual and team level and gives realistic ways to build poise in a reliable way for supportable success.

As ‘confidence is difficult to describe’, it can create the perception that it’s something inbred. What’s also important to note is that it’s an ability that can be developed. This book provides some insightful, encouraging and actionable tools that demonstrate how to build your confidence and ascertain your potential as a leader.

Drawing from decades of experience working with clients such as Telstra, ME Bank, Accenture and Transurban, Michelle provides the linkages to why confidence is critical to leadership success.

With reliable effort, and the valour to take a risk, you can progressively broaden your self-assurance and with it, your ability to build on that foundation. However, it’s not enough just to feel confident. You have to do the work.

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