13 April 2024

Toolkit for Turbulence: The Mindset and Methods that Leaders Need to Turn Adversity to Advantage

| Rama Gaind
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Toolkit for Turbulence reveals the strategies with which top leaders overcome challenges. Photo: Supplied.

Find a pathway through turbulence where you don’t just survive adversity, but turn it to your advantage. That should always be our aim.

Toolkit for Turbulence unpacks the mindset and methods used by top leaders and teams to assess, adapt and respond to unforeseen challenges and ambiguity.

Let authors Graham Winter and Martin Bean take you inside the mindset and practices of successful leaders who have taken a different path. Learn dozens of proven leadership tools and build your own toolkit for turbulence.

To succeed as a high-performing leader today, you need to know how to navigate extreme change and uncertainty. With this book, you’ll learn how to seize the unexpected as an opportunity to develop your leadership capabilities and build a more adaptive team.

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From visual models to guided frameworks, Toolkit for Turbulence shares easy-to-implement core tools that you can use to construct your own leadership solutions – solutions that suit the unique needs of your team, your enterprise and your community.

According to Winter and Bean, “This book will give you deep practical insights into the thinking, behaviours and tools of leaders who thrive in times of turbulence.

“You will hear about the fundamental mindsets that can make or break people and teams during disruption. You will learn how to recalibrate your thinking to suit a continually disrupted world.

”You will be introduced to frameworks to form, build and accelerate the performance and wellbeing of your team, and learn how to scale this approach across your life, team and enterprise.”

This is not a theoretical or academic book, and neither is it a typical management or self-help guide. The ideas are covered and drawn from the experiences of highly successful leaders who are navigating the emotional rollercoaster of the pandemic and its aftermath.

They have coached, cared for and built high-performing teams. They have rebounded from setbacks such as cyber attacks, supply chain disruption and massive budget shortfalls, and pivoted then pivoted again when the unimaginable has become the inevitable.

“Their mindset and leadership toolkit helped them to be the best leaders they could be and to coach others to unlock their potential at a time when the default response for many was to be more defensive and protective.

“No doubt, reading this, you’d also like to bring your best self to leadership, when and where it is needed, and to unlock the potential of the people, teams and enterprises you lead. In short, you want to be an advantage leader.”

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The authors needed to remember at every step in this book’s development that most leaders are time poor, yet they aspire to learn about and apply better and proven tools to bring out the best in themselves and their teams in a turbulent business environment.

They applied three tests when choosing content to frame and fill the book: simple, easy-to-apply tools; pragmatic and expert guidance; and proven working models.

Winter, a three-time Australian Olympic team chief psychologist, and Bean, the CEO of The Bean Centre, a visionary leader dedicated to shaping the future of education and work, share timely advice and practical strategies, together with compelling, real-world stories from prominent executive leaders across a variety of industries.

Toolkit for Turbulence, by Graham Winter and Martin Bean, Wiley, $34.95

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