27 September 2023

Queen honours PS excellence on her birthday

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Public Service staff at all levels and in all States and Territories have been recognised by the Queen for their commitment and excellence in serving the people of Australia to mark the occasion of Her Majesty’s birthday in 2022.

The Queen’s awards for members of the Queensland Public Service are presented in accordance with the Order of Australia and announced on Her Majesty’s behalf by his Excellency the Governor-General, General David Hurley.

Current and past members of the QPS being honoured on this occasion, including the recipients of the Public Service Medal, were:


Jeannette Rosita YOUNG PSM AC

Queensland Health

For eminent service to public health administration, to medicine and medical research, to the tertiary education sector, and as the 27th Governor appointed in Queensland.

Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Young was Chief Health Officer from 2005 to 2021.


Paula Maree DUFFY PSM

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service

For outstanding public service in nursing and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms Duffy has worked for the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service for 20 years and was promoted to the role of Executive Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Patient Experience, after formerly holding the position of Executive Director of Integrated Ambulatory and Community Services, incorporating one of the largest Emergency Departments in Australia.

Ms Duffy’s professional relationships and concentrated efforts across the organisation have been fundamental to the management of COVID-19 at Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service. Extremely well regarded by the leadership in the Queensland Ambulance and Police service, her strong leadership has been the glue that helped the Gold Coast navigate the challenges of being the first region to experience the Omicron variant peak in Queensland. She coordinated the hospital response which required the opening of 9 dedicated COVID-19 wards and 2 ICU pods.

Ms Duffy is a leader across all aspects of the COVID-19 response, ranging from the creation of testing centres in the community to facility screening desks, quarantine hotels, dedicated COVID-19 wards, virtual wards and partnering with private hospitals to increase public patient capacity. For the last two years she has been the key contact for the Gold Coast, reporting to the state bodies and coordinating complex arrangements across the city to support the COVID response.

The contribution by Paula Duffy to her profession, and the high regard in which she is held, is testament to her quality standards and consistent contribution to the public health sector over decades.


Longreach Regional Council

For outstanding public service for the Isisford community.

Mrs Edwards is a valued and respected public service leader from Isisford, in Outback Queensland. As the Isisford Branch Manager with Longreach Regional Council, she has consistently delivered an outstanding level of service to the community over more than a decade. Mrs Edwards dedicated 30 years of service to Local Government, based in Isisford.

Mrs Edwards is the face of Council in the community, and leads a multi-disciplinary team of administrative and operational staff across a variety of departments, including customer service, parks and gardens, public works, maintenance, and more.

Mrs Edwards’ experience, knowledge and professionalism enable her to be a very effective and charismatic leader to her team. She truly shines in her ability to relate to the community. Her skills handling sensitive and challenging matters decisively, but with empathy, are second-to-none. She is a skilled and persuasive communicator and is always comfortable being frank and open with Councillors, staff, and the community.

In addition to her professional duties, Mrs Edwards is an active participant in most regional community initiatives, serving on countless organisations such as the Isisford Race Club, Isisford Golf Club, the Annual Isisford Fishing Competition, Isisford Rural Fire Brigade, Yaraka Campdraft Association, and many more. She manages these commitments with the utmost professionalism and sets an example for any public servant who wishes to engage with the community outside of their official duties.

Mrs Edwards’ leadership has directly contributed to improved outcomes for the Isisford and Yaraka communities, through her work at Council and on the various community groups that she assists in her own time. She has played an important role in the social and cultural development of the Isisford and Yaraka communities. Through her outstanding professionalism and dedication, Ms Edwards has guided the sustainability of her community over many years.

Dianne Michelle FRANCISCO PSM

Balonne Shire Council

For outstanding public service in environmental and public health services, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic and flood events.

Ms Francisco has served the Balonne Shire Council for 22 years, providing quality environmental and public health services to the communities.

In the past two years Ms Fransisco has assisted all categories of business in the Shire from hospitality to agricultural sectors, participating in disaster response and recovery for the pandemic and flood events. She has assisted businesses to keep their doors open and operating in this ever-changing environment.

Ms Francisco’s commitment to local government was recently recognised at the Local Government Association Queensland annual conference as a community champion. Her dedication to going above and beyond her responsibilities as an Environmental Health Coordinator and her care and attention to detail, all demonstrate her outstanding service and commitment to excellence in serving the general public.

Todd Anthony HARRIS PSM

Stadiums Queensland

For outstanding public service in Queensland’s sporting and major events, particularly through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Harris is the CEO of Stadiums Queensland (SQ) overseeing the State’s biggest ever year of sport in 2021.

For the most part, Queensland has been open for business throughout the pandemic, with the state’s health response allowing us to live with far less restrictions than other states.

Mr Harris made the most of this opportunity as he recognised that these sporting and major events gave Queenslanders and those watching from home in other states, a welcome distraction, a reason to dream and to be inspired in hard times.

Over the past two years, Mr Harris led the acquisition, negotiating and hosting of a number of headline events, including hosting two history making grand finals – the AFL grand final in 2020 and NRL grand final in 2021, international rugby events, international test match cricket and the entire 2020 Super Netball season, which relocated to Queensland for 2020.

In 2021, over 2.9 million people were able to attend events across SQ venues. In maintaining a full events calendar, Mr Harris continued to support those jobs and provide ongoing income for workers across the events industry, as well as catering, cleaning, maintenance and construction.

Throughout the 2021 sporting season, we saw a growing interest in our communities and regions, with Townsville having the opportunity to host the first game in the State of Origin series with only ten days’ notice, working to support wider community activations and offering a boost to the economy, all possible through Mr Harris’ leadership.

Mr Harris’ contribution to support active lifestyles, regional communities and keeping our visitor economy tracking during the pandemic has strengthened SQ’s reputation in leading national events which will support Queensland’s next steps onto the global stage, for the Brisbane 2032 Games.


Queensland Treasury.

For outstanding public service in whole-of-government financial reporting.

Mr Newby has excelled in providing outstanding public service to the Queensland Government in the field of whole-of-government financial reporting and budgeting during his 20-year service within Queensland Treasury.

As Treasury’s Director – Financial Reporting since 2014, he and his team have been at the forefront of providing accounting and financial reporting advice to support the Queensland Government with its significant reporting obligations.

Mr Newby’s key priority has been to lead a high performing, small team to facilitate the preparation of the state’s financial statements in the annual Queensland Budget and the Report on State Finances. The team particularly excelled in service delivery in the 2020-21 financial year when COVID-19 presented a number of additional challenges to whole-of-government reporting and budgeting.

Mr Newby showed innovation and an agile approach when leading and managing the introduction of processes for the state’s financial data and reporting, which have significantly increased efficiency and reliability of financial reporting. He is a technical expert who provides detailed and strategic accounting advice on complex transactions including the Cross River Rail project and other Public Private Partnerships, Queensland Future Fund, and asset sales as well as contributing to reporting frameworks for the Public Sector.

Throughout his career Mr Newby has demonstrated very high levels of expertise, professionalism and integrity. He has been a source of inspiration and guidance for his team. He has also enhanced the transparency and accountability of government through producing high quality financial information.


Deputy Under Treasurer

For outstanding public service in regional development, infrastructure planning and delivery and disaster economic recovery.

For the past 18 years, Ms Parker has played a pivotal role in assisting the Queensland Government deliver results in economic and regional development, infrastructure planning and delivery, and disaster economic recovery.

After beginning her grassroots public service career as a physical education schoolteacher, Ms Parker’s interest in policy, combined with drive, innovation, leadership and ability to deliver real outcomes, soon escalated her through the ranks to her current role of Deputy Director-General in a central government agency.

Ms Parker’s career has always been driven by professionalism, guidance, support and a genuine interest and concern in the well-being of all Queenslanders. Her ability to secure cross-agency cooperation, and actively and quickly engage with business, industry, councils, not-for-profits and the community, is particularly highlighted in times of disaster.

In 2020, as Deputy Under Treasurer, she oversaw delivery of Queensland’s Economic Recovery Plan, supported by regional economic plans, in response to COVID-19.

When cyclones, flooding or bushfires strike this most natural disaster-prone state, or industries suffer major setbacks such as the Kingaroy Swickers fire, Ms Parker activates rapid economic response teams to identify issues and provide solutions. Another notable example of this is Ms Parker’s role as chair of the Binna Burra Lodge Recovery Taskforce, following the September 2019 fire. Her oversight of Queensland’s infrastructure planning and delivery agenda is leading to a new long-term strategy, supported by regional plans being delivered this year.

Ms Parker led the implementation of the Queensland Government’s Building our Regions program which, to date, has seen more than $348 million of funding to 271 projects across 67 local government areas, supporting an estimated 2770 construction jobs and many flow-on economic development opportunities.

Ms Parker champions career development and learnings for all her staff, and enacts positive cultural change, to maximise her department’s output in supporting a strong, resilient, connected Queensland.


Townsville Hospital and Health Board

For outstanding public service in women’s health in Queensland.

Professor Rane’s stellar career as a surgeon, academic, and humanitarian has changed the lives of countless women in Australia and across the developing world.

Professor Rane is a member of the Townsville Hospital and Health Board where he drives an agenda for equity in health outcomes and intimately understands the challenges faced by women and girls living in remote Indigenous communities.

Professor Rane is the founder of Flourishing Women, a charity that raises funds for women in crisis and global awareness of the plight of women in the developing world, who are subject to dangerous childbirth practices, female genital mutilation, and, through untreated fistula, are vulnerable to homelessness, destitution, and premature death.

For more than 25 years, Professor Rane has treated women with significant childbirth injuries including fistula, which is endemic in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. He is wholeheartedly committed to equity in health outcomes and his considerable pro bono work is testament to delivering equitable healthcare and improving outcomes for women and girls who live in poverty and with disadvantage. He has also worked, pro bono, in low-resourced medical schools in Asia and Pacific Island nations so trainees can compete in the international medical arena.

Professor Rane is a prolific researcher on topics including mesh and stem cells, effect of postural muscles on micturition, intravesical steroid injections for interstitial cystitis, epidural uptake in public and private settings, and awareness of female genital mutilation among midwives and junior doctors in Australia.

There is little question that Professor Rane’s work has changed lives. He is an outstanding surgeon in a challenging sub-speciality that treats women with genital trauma and debilitating stress incontinence caused by childbirth. His ground-breaking research and surgical innovation, coupled with his passion for women’s reproductive rights and wellbeing, have unveiled taboo topics and paved the way for improved quality of life for thousands of Queensland women, including those living in rural, remote, and regional areas and women around the globe.

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