26 September 2023

Flick tickets

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Starting off this week with Rama Gaind’s rare double-pass movie ticket giveaway in which a PS News reader from each State and Territory had the chance to win entries to the new epic movie The Woman King starring Academy Award-winning actress Viola Davis and opening in Australia this week.

To take part in Rama’s first all-Australian giveaway all we had to do was name the Oscar-winning actress who plays the role of General Nanisca in The Woman King, the answer to which was Viola Davis!

And the winners were:

Australian Public Service:

Greg C of the Australian Taxation Office

New South Wales:

Lyn B of Services Australia in Newcastle


Paul W of the Victorian Electoral Commission

Western Australia:

Karen M of the Department of Health in Perth


Rod M of the Queensland Department of Health

South Australia:

Jan B of RevenueSA


Colleen B of the Department of Defence

Tasmania & Northern Territory

No correct answers

A big thankyou to all the readers who took part in Rama’s first national giveaway and congratulations to all the winners.

Keep watching Rama’s columns to be among her famous Rama Army giveaways, the details for this week are below.

Out on a date!

Special mention to Ridley N of the National Measurement Institute now for dobbing in a workmate who was sharp enough to notice how far ahead of the pack a recent PS News was.

Writing in so we could share the impression, Ridley wrote that his colleague had picked up a possible typo in a story in the Australian Public Service edition of PS News reporting the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) investigating the apparent data breach by the communications company OPTUS.

“Did you mean 22 September?” Ridley asked innocently, pointing to the date that accompanied the headline ‘OAIC acting on Optus data breach’.

Actually we did mean that – not the 17 October that somehow managed to find its unexplainable way there in September/

Thanks, Ridley for drawing your work friend’s concerns.

A special reward of a ‘Perfectly Popular Pack of PS-sssst! Paraphernalia’ will be making its way to Ridley as our way of thanks.

Oh for the art of being mistake-free!

Non-Public Service

And while we’re on the road to wise readers, a special mention too of Liam D of the national Treasury who put PS News right after it ran a story about the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) which was expanding its team of operators to help people affected by floods solve their problems with insurance companies.

“Just for your information,” Liam wrote in wisely, “AFCA is not Public Service.”

But, PS-sssst! thought, PS News only publishes stories about the public service!

Amazingly, Liam is right!

PS News may have been there the day the Treasury gave birth to AFCA in 2018 but, in its own words today: “AFCA is not a government department or agency, and we are not a regulator of the financial services industry.”

It was established to replace three dispute resolution bodies — the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), the Credit and Investments Ombudsman (CIO), and the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT).

Many thanks to Liam for putting PS News right, another ‘Perfectly Popular Pack of PS-sssst! Paraphernalia’ will be on its way to him shortly.

In the meantime PS News will contemplate a non-Government company being an ‘Authority’!

Dig dug up

Back to the redoubtable Rama’s regular giveaways now where three lucky winners emerged from her quiz to become the new owners of the DVD Dig starring Thomas Jane and Emile Hirsch.

To win the movie all they had to do was identify the relationship between Mr Jane and the new actress in the film, Harlow Jane, and then be among the first three correct identifiers to emerge from the PS News Barrel of Booty.

The answer is that Harlow is Mr Jane’s daughter and the successful winners were Janice G from the Queensland Office of Industrial Relations, Carina J from the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning, and Rod M from Queensland’s Mackay Hospital and Health Service.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone for who took part. The prizes will be on their way to their new owners very soon.

While the prize DVDs are on their way, the rest of us can put our good luck to work by joining in Rama’s giveaway games simply by visiting her review of the Book Under Her Skin at this PS News link and/or her other reviewed DVD The Immaculate Room at this link and answering one or both of her simple questions.

Good luck to everyone who does.

Weak reason for week off!

And finally, to the sharp-eyed readers who noticed PS-sssst! had a week off last week, thanks for taking notice.

PS-sssst! spent the week in South Australia’s Adelaide, representing the Australian Capital Territory in the Australian Master Squash Championships where its team managed to succeed in their Division.

While a few games of squash are hardly enough to justify taking a week off – even for something as annoying as PS-sssst! – an uncooperative laptop computer proved to be enough to bring it to its knees.

PS-sssst! thereby apologies for not delivering its weekly trivia last week, which, as it turns out, was the first week it missed in the 15-or-so years it has been nuisancing its readers.

Mea culpa!

‘Til next week….

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