27 September 2023

Making every moment count

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Bruce Kasanoff* says many of the matters we involve ourselves with in daily life are really distractions keeping us from our true purpose.

Let’s get right to the point. According to Michael Singer, author of Life Untethered, your three greatest distractions are as follows.

Your emotions; your thoughts, and what happens in the world around you.

Wait a minute…these three elements basically comprise the sum total of our daily existence.

How can they be distractions?

The implication is that ‘you’ are none of these things; that you exist at a more fundamental level.

The good news is: I can prove it.

Take five minutes at the end of the next paragraph to sit quietly in a room by yourself.

Turn off all your devices, so nothing can interrupt you.

Empty your mind of thoughts and emotions.

Just be totally still.

Do it now.


Welcome back! Did you cease to exist? When you eliminated your emotions, thoughts and the outside world, did ‘you’ disappear?

Of course not.

There is more to you than these three elements.

To be precise, your most profound truths lie beyond those ‘distractions’.

They exist at a deeper level.

Singer suggests that when you move past these distractions and achieve a deep level of inner clarity, every moment that unfolds before you exists for you to serve it.

“The highest life you can live is when every single moment that passes before you is better off because of it,” he writes.

“Serve the present moment with all your heart and soul.

“Imagine what the world would be like if everyone did that.”

Going through this still young year, may you uplift every person who passes before you.

*Bruce Kasanoff is the founder of The Journey, a newsletter for positive, uplifting and accomplished professionals. He can be contacted at kasanoff.com.

This article first appeared at kasanoff.com

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