26 September 2023

Hot kitchen to Cook in

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A visit to Victoria this week to get the old PS-sssst! PS-ssssting by meeting another appropriately appellated artisan, this time a talented member of the Country Fire Authority (CFA) introduced by a leader in the Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV).

The FRV attracted the media with a message that Victorians must make fire safety a priority in the kitchen this winter following a hot number last year in which firefighters fought 900 kitchen fires.

FRV Commissioner Gavin Freeman said unattended cooking was one of the most common causes of preventable house fires.

“If a fire does start in the kitchen, turn off the stove if it’s safe to do so,” Commissioner Freeman advised before handing the commentating duty to the CFA.

“Make sure your kitchen appliances are in good working order, and ensure your stove top, griller, oven, range hood and cooking area are free from built up grease, dust and oil,” the CFA’s Acting Chief Officer Garry Cook said.

A kitchen? A ‘Cook”? PS-sssst was in its pleasant pleasure.

From PS-sssst’s experience ‘Aptonyms’ which the Oxford dictionary says is “a person’s name that is regarded as appropriate to their occupation” often make the best people for the jobs.

We certainly hope that for Garry.

Wrong 10 years!

Staying with CFA’s Garry, another of the serious comments he made in the media was that: “While most fatal fires occur in sleeping areas, it is important to note that most residential fires start in the kitchen….”

Wise advice, which he continued: “…over the last 10 years, 15 per cent of fatalities and serious injuries have still occurred from kitchen fires.”

Having only recently found Garry to write about we don’t know where he gets his information but if he’s sure the ‘last 10 years’ are over, we’d best start preparing for the end.

Could it be he meant ‘over the past 10 years’.

At least one media PS-sssst! hopes so!

Rama again!

Another week, another marvellous giveaway from the marvellous Rama Gaind, this time a topical Statement from the Soul presenting the oral case for the Australian Aboriginal community’s Uluru Statement from the Heart.

To succeed in Rama’s career-changing challenge, all we had to do to win a copy of Shireen Morris and Damien Freeman’s book was to correctly tell Rama who wrote the foreword in it.

The correct answer was the lawyer, academic and land rights activist Noel Pearson and the first PS News reader out of the judges’ Barrel of Booty to name him was Heath J from Services Australia.

Congratulations Heath and thanks to everyone who joined in the fun. The book will be on its way to Heath very soon.

For another chance to put your achievement skills at work, all you need to do is visit one or both of Rama’s current reviews Film Belle & Sebastian: Next Generation at this PS News link and/or her equally current review of DVD Assassin on this PS News link and then wait for the judge to do the judging.

Like all the best things in life, PS-sssst’s puzzles and pleasantries are free and all we have to do to be a winner is give it a go.

Good luck to all who do!

And finally…

With the thank-you to retired Philomena S, former from Victorian Department of Health.

Till next week…..

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