27 September 2023

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Top of the pile this week is the great news for movie lovers that our own lover of great movies, the brilliant Rama Gaind, has arranged for PS News readers in each State and Territory all over Australia to have the chance to win a free double ticket to see the film The Woman King when it opens in Australia on 27 October.

To be among the first people in your State or Territory to see the film for free, simply skip over to Rama’s review of The Woman King and answer her usually super-simple quiz question to score your State or Territory’s double ticket.

Rama declares there’ll be one winner in each of the six States, the two Territories and one for the national Public Service, and as is usually usual in PS News, it is free, complementary and chargeless to join in for the fun.

Rama’s prize-offering review of The Woman King – with the ticket test – can be found at this PS News link.

Good luck to all who go ticketing!

Looking forward, Looking back

A quick observation from NSW now in which two new public service Agencies have been created to expand the activity of archives and museums in the State to “make its historic collections, records and archives better preserved, presented and accessible to the public.”

The two new Agencies that have now passed Parliament are the ‘Museums of History NSW’ and ‘State Records NSW’.

Far be it from PS-sssst! to question the wisdom of the NSW parliament, but it wonders if the name ‘Museums of History’ might not be a little over-obvious to have the ‘History’ in it.

Has anyone ever seen a ‘Museum of the Future?’

Wildly speaking!

Staying with our attention on notable names now, in Queensland there’s a very lucky member of the State’s public service with a title that almost every other public servant in Australia would love to go by.

In a report that Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science (affectively known as DES!) has warned the State’s boaties, fishers and jet ski-users that thousands of humpback whales were on their annual migration in the nearby sea and that everyone needed to be careful not to tangle with them.

And the notably-named PS staff member delivering this caution?

No other than the DES’s ‘Wildlife Officer’.

Armed with ‘Wildlife Officer’‘PS-sssst! challenges every section, branch and department of every public service in the nation to copy the Queensland wisdom and appoint a ‘Wild Life Officer’ on their classification.

Every organisation could use one, even if it’s only to manage their Christmas party!

A conversation by any other name…

Another week, another wise reader to crumble PS-sssst! for mangling His Majesty’s English language again by publishing a home-grown misspelling while happily castigating the innocent errors of the world’s less-defective victims.

Many thanks go to Paula B of the Queensland Government Statisticians Office for drawing attention to PS News’s creative spelling of the word ‘conversation’ at the end of a feature article last week, which inaccurately directed readers to find the source of the article at “thecovnersation.com”.

We plead guilty of that one Paula and thank you for drawing our deluded discomfiture where PS News’s 180,000 signed-on subscribers get to share your pleasure and we get to flop in the fallacious faux pas failings we are famous for fighting against.

As our way of thanking you for going to all that trouble, PS-sssst! will soon send you a ‘Perfectly Popular Pack of PS-sssst! Paraphernalia’ so you too can be writing with a PS News pen, wearing a PS News T-shirt, finding it with a PS News torch and reading a free book from the PS News library.

The only small matter we might reply with is the seemingly absent possessive apostrophe that might have been included in the word ‘Statisticians’ in the otherwise accurate title ‘Queensland Government Statisticians Office’.

We won’t though!

In teams we trust

To Rama Gaind’s ever busy giveaway now with the chance to win a copy of the workforce leaders’ must-have book, Bernard Desmidt’s Team Better Together, which unveils the secrets of getting the best from a workplace team.

To win one of two copies of Mr Desmidt’s book, all we needed to do was tell Rama how many disciplines of high performing teams the book shares with its readers.

The answer is ‘five’ and the two wise readers whose correct entries skipped out of the PS News’s Barrel of Booty first were Janice G from Queensland’s Office of Industrial Relations and Susan M from the federal Department of Social Services.

Congratulations to Janice and Susan, your books will be on their way very soon. And thanks to everyone for taking part.

While the prize books are on their way, the rest of us can put our good luck to work by joining in Rama’s giveaway games simply by visiting her review of the Film The Woman King at this PS News link and/or her other reviewed DVD Dig at this link and answering one or both of her simple questions.

The greatest of good luck to all who do!

Giveaway to takeaway

And finally, don’t leave work today without joining Rama’s movie giveaway into every State and Territory in the country.

Someone has to win it in your part of the world and it may as well be you!

The link is here.

Until next week…..

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