27 September 2023

Disruption by Design: Leading the change in a fast-changing world

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Reviewed by Rama Gaind.

By Gihan Perera, First Step Publishing, $33.00.

The question here is will you be swept aside with the rest of your industry or will you be leading the change? Saying ‘the way we’ve always done things’ just doesn’t cut it any more as companies struggle to get in front of sweeping changes before they become another fatality.

It is up to you to create the future.

Futurist, speaker and author, Perera describes the key steps in designing your own path to a certain future. With real-world examples you get the necessary tools needed to successfully lead your organisation into the future.

Drawing on decades of experience working with diverse clients across corporate government, health care, real estate, education and professional services, Gihan shows how organisations must learn to innovate to disrupt themselves – before somebody else does.

He explains: “innovation is disruption, but with you in control it’s disruption by design”.

We hear of so many organisations being distressed because we live in the age of disruption where entire industries are changing overnight. Here are some notable examples.

Netflix, with online streaming movies, has disrupted the blockbuster model of DVD rental stores. Airbnb, which allows anybody to rent out their spare bedroom, has disrupted accommodation. Spotify, with an ‘all you can eat model’ of music subscription, has disrupted iTunes, which in turn disrupted music CDs. Uber, with superior mobile app and a shard-economy idea of anybody being a driver for hire, has disrupted the tightly-controlled taxi industry.

“Sometimes disruption completely wipes out an industry (as with CDs or DVDs) and sometimes it carves out a large chunk of market share (as with taxis and accommodation). Often, it’s not just a disruptive force, but a destructive force as well.”

Now is the time to lead the ‘change in a fast-changing world’. This is Gihan’s 12th book as he helps leaders to navigate an uncertain, dynamic and exciting future.

What is the quote used by Gihan to describe ‘innovation disruption’? If your answer is correct, you could be one of two lucky winners to get a free copy of Disruption by Design. One of the books has been personally autographed by Gihan.
Entries should be sent to [email protected] by next Monday, 15 July 2019. Names of the winners will be announced in Frank Cassidy’s PS-sssst…! column on Tuesday.

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