25 September 2023

Chasing Digital: A Playbook for the New Economy

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Reviewed by Rama Gaind.

By Anthony Stevens and Louis Strauss, Wiley, $25.00.

To collaboratively write a book provides an amazing chance to share, learn and find opportunities to lead.

Stevens and Strauss want their book to give understanding to the defining features of digital and the reasons for its unprecedented economic impact. You will be able to learn how to succeed in the digital economy.

According the authors, “it is also an avenue of service by which we can make our vocation accessible and useful to the broader community”.

For more than 25 years, Anthony has been thinking about the application of technology and the Internet to business. Louis says for those who wish to be successful in the digital age and beyond, the journey won’t be easy, but the potential is huge and exciting. This book is about helping traditional incumbents unlock that potential.

Stevens and Strauss both felt the indicators for success in digital were starting to become clear. There were unmistakable differences in strategy, mindset and structure between companies transforming for digital and those stalling in the face of changing economic forces.

“Our experience offered us rich evidence of what foundations are required and what steps are necessary for the leader who seeks to revolutionise an outmoded business model. We know there were plenty of ideas on the subject floating around among consultants, and business magazines offered snippets of advice, but we believed there was no readily available guidebook for successful digital transformation.”

Chasing digital is that guidebook.

‘The paradigms of big business have changed. Business models that were once lucrative now seem to barely move the needle. Incumbents of the old guard find themselves superseded by new, digitally-charged, data-fuelled organisations that leverage platform-based business models.

‘In a world where digital is changing everything, Chasing Digital will help your organisation to transition beyond old business models to adopt the new digital paradigm and a new era of business.’

‘From taking advantage of artificial intelligence, to harnessing big data, to planning for potential roadblocks, this playbook will give you the tools and mindsets needed for your business to not only survive, but thrive.’

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