27 September 2023

Beginning a personal voyage of discovery

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Bruce Kasanoff* says we are constantly at the mercy of beliefs and instructions that are thrust upon and can prevent people from finding who they truly are.

I recently added these words to my LinkedIn headline: I help you go deeper.

It’s about moving past superficial ideas of who you are, what you want, and how much potential you have.

It means to move past rote phrases and beliefs to substance.

It means to cherish every moment of your life, by taking time each week to reflect on what matters most to you.

It means making sure you are using your time and energy in service of these things.

Unless you stop at least once a week to engage in such reflection, you almost certainly are drifting off-course.

We all have hundreds of distractions, at work and home, which conspire to push us off the path of meaning.

Importantly, it is dramatically easier to reflect at a deep and meaningful level when you have a guide to help you do so.

This is because most of us have trouble going deeper because we lack the ability to recognise when we tell ourselves things that aren’t really true.

Important note: Even though I spend my days helping other people go deeper, I also need help in this regard. Everyone does.

All of us are layer-upon-layer of beliefs and assumptions we did not create.

We are influenced by what our parents told us; what we watched on TV; stuff they made us do in school, or the way our language is constructed.

It could be the social mores that prevail in our country or community; how our industry works.

Or it could be the thousands of other influences, from advertising to packaging, to religion to sports.

It is extraordinarily difficult to dig down through these accumulated layers to find the true you, but doing so brings many rewards.

For now, I’ll just name one of these rewards: You will be much more comfortable in your own skin.

*Bruce Kasanoff is the founder of The Journey, a newsletter for positive, uplifting and accomplished professionals. He can be contacted at kasanoff.com.

This article first appeared at kasanoff.com.

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