26 September 2023

Thou shell read!

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To sunny Perth today where the city’s wise crackers have been busy poaching visitors to come to town for the school holidays, which the city’s Lord Mayor insisted was “jam-packed with family-friendly fun”.

And, as if that collection of wisecracks was not enough to leave a reader boiling, the city’s headline crackerjacks have scrambled a caption together they hope won’t give us a fry-t!

“10 eggcellent events to get eggcited about these school holidays” was the head the headliners headed for last week.

Wise or wicked, we have to admire it as a good yolk!

Congratulations to all concerned.

The slippery skill

Staying with cleverness over and above the call for sufferance now, the NSW Fire and Rescue brigade has added snake-wrangling to the required skills of its employees, an art they claim could come in handy when putting out fires.

Captain of the brigade’s Menai station, Captain Brady Clarke explained that the recent two-day courses were needed to replace the skills a number of ‘fireys’ who retired recently and who had taken their talent with them.

“The ‘viper-active’ firefighters have put aside any ‘hiss-terical’ fear of snakes to protect their local communities,” Captain Clarke said.

“You’re very apprehensive when you first come up against a snake but when you’re doing it over and over and over again, it becomes second nature and you can certainly read the behaviour of the animal,” he said.

PS-sssst! is most impressed by the Captain and his snake-proof ‘fireys’ and the valuable work they do for their local communities.

But on this occasion, we will take his words for it.

Giving away!

Competition and lucky winner section now when the ever-generous Rama Gaind ever-generously offers another free giveaway to lucky readers who play her weekly free giveaway game.

This week’s prize is the DVD of the spooky supernatural action thriller Johnny & Clyde starring Megan Fox and Tyson Ritter.

To win a copy of the DVD and with it an everlasting place in Rama’s Army, all we had to do was tell her the names of the co-writers of the film and be one of the first three to be plucked from the judge’s infamous Barrel of Booty.

The answer to Rama’s quiz question was Tom DeNucci and Nick Principe and the first correct correspondents to communicate it were Carol C from the National Indigenous Australians Agency, Gwen T from the Queensland Department of Resources and Gregory C from the Australian Taxation Office.

Big congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who took part. The scary DVDs will be on their way to their new owners very soon.

In the meantime for the rest of us, let’s put our good luck to work and join in Rama’s giveaway games simply by visiting her review of the Book Smart Money Strategy at this PS News link and follow her instructions and/or visit her second but equally first offering the Book The Redgum River Retreat at this link and then sit back and wait for our prizes to (hopefully) head our way.

Good luck to one and all who play Rama’s rich raffle and come out a winner.

And finally, another small piece of humour to help the day move a little faster.

The Tesla of the future!

Until next week…..

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