26 September 2023

The Loudest Guest

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Reviewed by Rama Gaind.

By Dr Amy Silver, Major Street Publishing, $29.95.

“There is no reason for fear or anxiety to control us without our consent.” This is a authoritative opening statement from psychologist Dr Silver, who focuses on the control of fear for high performance at work.

Decades of scientific research show how to move into a position of power over our emotions. Not surprisingly, we all experience fear, but not many of us consistently use it as it was designed: to help, not hinder our progress. With extensive expertise in fear management, Dr Silver shows us how to change our relationship with fear.

She believes that if you reduce the control that fear has on you, you take back control of your life. Fear is merely a guest in your mind – albeit a noisy one – and you are the host.

Fear is designed to paralyse us, to keep us safe from the risk of rejection and failure. However, change and growth are often on the other side of such risk, so how are we to get there if fear is so controlling?

Experienced in many therapy types, Amy presents a rather stimulating discussion, taking a look at fear, fear that drives us, and fear that cripples us as we journey across our life canvas. She looks at the thoughts, the drivers behind those thoughts and how that simple little word fear, controls so much of what we do, how it saps confidence, retards progress and generally becomes more often than we would like, the controlling voice in the mind when presented with fresh challenges or change.

The Loudest Guest outlines the essential steps to reduce the power of your fear voice and create a more powerful you. Let fear be a ‘guest’ who can be shown the door with some simple, but valuable strategies.

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