26 September 2023

The Incredible Hulk

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Reviewed by Victor Rebikoff.

Director: Louis Leterrier, Marvel Studios and Universal, M 112 Minutes.

This enthralling rendition of ‘The Incredible Hulk’ from renowned French filmmaker Louis Leterrier (‘Transporter’ franchise) is a much more superior film than the Ang Lee production released in 2003 that featured Aussie actor Eric Bana as the Hulk.

In Leterrier’s origin story, scientist Dr Bruce Banner (Edward Norton – ‘The Illusionist’) is seeking a cure to his abnormal condition which causes him to turn into a giant green monster after experiencing considerable emotional stress.

In the opening sequence Banner is shown hiding in a small village in South America while on the run from the US military since a laboratory experiment that injured his love interest Betty (Liv Tyler – ‘Smother’).

As it turns out Betty is the daughter of General Ross (William Hurt – ‘Robin Hood’) who, having learnt of Banner’s presence in Brazil, sends a team to Brazil led by skilled soldier Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth – ‘Broken’) to capture him but fails.

On his return home Banner is reunited with Betty before being confronted again by Blonsky at a university campus.

Blonsky then finds himself thrown about by the Hulk and ends up with a series of broken bones.

By now Blonsky has accepted Ross’ offer of becoming a “super soldier” under his special program in preparation for his next do or die fight against the green monster, only to find that he has come off second best.

Despite defeating the other monster Banner is left no choice but to continue his search for a cure to control his temper and achieve his ultimate objective of living a normal life with Betty.

In many respects Leterrier has successfully adapted Marvel’s comic book hero to the big screen through his captivating storyline and a combination of the many enjoyable action scenes and special effects which further contributes to its entertainment.

In addition one cannot overlook the performances of Norton and Roth as the major protagonists in this sci – fi action adventure even that of Hurt as the General pulling the strings.

It is still quite surprising that Mark Ruffalo was chosen ahead of Norton to portray the Hulk in future Marvel movies.

Vic’s Verdict: 3 ½ Stars

The Incredible Hulk is to be televised on 9GO at 9.50pm on Saturday, 4 September.

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