25 September 2023

Splendour of a Moorings yacht charter in the Seychelles

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By Rama Gaind.

The best way to take in the exotic marvel of the Seychelles is to set sail on a chartered yacht from The Moorings.

Not only does it sound wonderful, but indulging in an escape to the Seychelles is an amazing experience. Now you have the chance to do just that – go sailing there in June and July.

Let ‘The Moorings’, world’s premier yacht charter company, take you on a holiday of a lifetime as you sail with the stars in the Seychelles!

Don’t just dream about going there, you should take the opportunity and experience the surrounds where the sand is really that white and the sea that wonderful blue.

Speckled across the Indian Ocean, there are more than 100 islands that make up the Seychelles archipelago, the vast majority of which are completely uninhabited.

Around 1,609 kilometres off the east coast of Africa, these granitic and coral islands are certainly attractive, with the appeal of surreal rock formations, lush forests and Creole heritage, as well as, some of the world’s best beaches and cerulean seas.

A core of granite islands lies at the center of the Seychelles, with incredible rock formations, expansive coral reefs and an abundance of marine parks where wildlife thrives.

The diversity is endless, but remember you have to be logically introduced to the islands. You can island-hop and enjoy a wide range of experiences from primordial forests and exquisite beaches to secluded island getaways and exposure to this unique, island-style way of life.

Dream to reality

Close your eyes and imagine, soft white-sand beaches, secluded coves, pristine azure oceans, lush tropical forests and barely another soul in sight. There’s a reason Seychelles is often referred to as the ‘Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’. Many of the outer islands made up of coral atolls, while the inner islands, namely Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, are geological havens for rare birds and giant tortoises.

For the honeymooners and romantics of the world, sunset horse rides along beaches on La Digue Island are an absolute must. A photo adventure around Coco Island cannot be missed, especially when armed with the knowledge that most travel companies and locals use photographs taken on this particular island to promote Seychelles.

In the Seychelles, the islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are geological havens for rare birds and giant tortoises.

Sainte Anne Island, the largest of eight islands in Sainte Anne Marine National Park of the Seychelles, is home to some of the best snorkelling, swimming and boutique restaurants in the area. If you’re lucky enough to be invited, head to the privately owned Grand Sour Island for a quiet place to enjoy the sun.

Even if you think bird watching isn’t your thing go to Cousin Island. This bird watcher’s paradise, home to rare birds such as bulbul, black parrot and the fruit pigeon, will change your mind.

Awareness of the need to preserve island ecology is increasing. The Seychelles is one place where the hawksbill turtles feel secure and come ashore to lay their eggs in broad daylight.

Tropical paradise

The best way to take in as much of this exotic marvel as possible is to set sail on a chartered yacht. The Moorings has some of the most luxurious chartered yachts in the area. Prices start at $5,795 for a seven-night bareboat sailing charter (based on a Moorings 3900 catamaran from 23 June 2018) and $22,800 for seven nights on an all-inclusive crewed charter (based on the Moorings 4800 from 7 July 2018).

With temperatures rarely dropping below 24°C or rising above 32°C, the Seychelles is a tropical paradise waiting to be explored all year-round.

With temperatures rarely dropping below 24°C or rising above 32°C, Seychelles is a tropical paradise waiting to be explored year-round.

The Seychelles, made up of 115 idyllic islands, is a small island nation with a distinctly French ambience. Mahé is the largest island in size and population. Praslin is peaceful and sublime, ringed with white sands and calm turquoise seas and sprinkled with just a handful of small villages. La Digue feels like an island that time forgot. It offers the chance to escape the real world and get back to nature with picture postcard beaches, enjoyed in slow motion.

Nature takes priority in the Seychelles; most islands are nature reserves and even on the three most inhabited islands large areas of land are protected. They are a colorful blend of different races and cultures and the people are hospitable. A yacht charter there is akin to a foray into a realm of natural splendor.

The Seychelles are an instagramers dream!


The Moorings: sail with the stars in the Seychelles

June and July 2018

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W: http://www.moorings.com.au/destinations/indian-ocean/seychelles

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