27 September 2023

Seven employee appreciation ideas people love

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Patrick Sipp* shares seven ways leaders can effectively show appreciation to their teams.

Employee appreciation is naturally top-of-mind for employers during the holiday season.

But employees actually prefer recognition throughout the year.

In fact, according to a HubSpot survey, 39 per cent of employees don’t feel appreciated, and nearly 7 in 10 think better recognition would boost their performance.

So, what can you do to help your workforce feel more deeply appreciated?

Some organizations rely on standard, old-school methods like plaques.

But a more personalized approach is far more effective.

A thoughtful token of appreciation is worth much more than its monetary value, alone.

It tells people they matter.

And that kind of message lasts long after it is received.

Here are some meaningful ways to show your team members just how grateful you are for their contributions.

  1. Give hard workers a break

When you recognize employees for an extraordinary effort on a project or success in achieving an important business goal, don’t just say thank you.

Reward them with some well-deserved time off.

In going above and beyond, employees often put in extra hours working on weekends, at night, or in the wee hours of the morning.

Along the way, they’re likely to lose precious sleep or family time.

By letting them redeem some of that time you can help them relax and recharge after an intense work effort.

Even one day away can make an impact.

Providing time off is easy.

And if you toss in a bonus gift card or cash for these employees to spend on activities they enjoy, that break is likely to be especially memorable.

  1. Spotlight your stars on social media

Want people on your team to feel like stars? Showcase top performers on social media for the world to see.

Share photos or video clips of them on your organization’s accounts and express your gratitude for their unique contributions in an uplifting caption.

Invite your leaders and others to congratulate featured individuals in the comment section.

Your “stars” will love the attention as it spreads across social media for others to see.

These interactions also increase visibility for your business in all the right ways.

This kind of public recognition is personalized, community-minded, and compelling.

Above all, it can boost an employee’s pride, confidence, and morale in ways that private recognition can’t touch.

  1. Create customized rewards

Are you thinking of giving top performers a framed certificate, a trophy, or maybe a cash reward?

Instead, why not appeal to their particular interests? How do they spend their free time? What hobbies or passion projects matter most to them?

For example, do you have fitness freaks on your team? Reward them with a gym membership, a network pass, or a subsidy.

Maybe some of your people are into group activities.

Why not share experiential rewards with them?

For instance, you could arrange an outing at a local bowling, bocce, or Topgolf venue.

Or for those who love outdoor adventures like hiking, fly fishing, or river rafting, you could go all out and book a fun vacation package like this: White Water Rafting Montana.

Imagine how thrilled people will be with rewards that fit their interests.

Whatever your budget, this is a highly effective way to keep employees motivated and reinforce your relationship with them.

  1. Treat your team to a tasty meal

Everyone loves to eat.

And there are endless ways to show employee appreciation with the gift of free food.

You could send each employee a gift card to their favourite restaurant.

Or to celebrate as a team, why not organize a surprise lunch out?

If your people work remotely, you can arrange to have a meal delivered to everyone’s door at the same time on the same day.

Contact a restaurant each employee loves and order their favourite menu item.

Or send a gift card to everyone in advance.

This is an easy, cost-effective way to bring people together for a casual meetup.

And don’t forget to send a heartfelt thank you note to each recipient, as icing on the cake.

  1. Celebrate everyday efforts

To build and sustain a thriving workforce, look for ways to celebrate individuals and teams on a frequent basis.

Ask for your workforce to be your eyes and ears to nominate people who deserve recognition for everyday accomplishments, little wins, and hard work, as well as big achievements.

And encourage everyone in your organization to celebrate others, as well.

Genuine, ongoing praise is a powerful employee feedback tactic that drives engagement and job satisfaction.

It also models the kind of spirit you want to see at the core of your culture.

Also, don’t forget opportunities to celebrate birthdays and other personal milestones.

Let your employees know these aren’t just “checklist” items, but heartfelt gestures.

You’ll see them smiling more often and sharing appreciation with peers.

  1. Highlight employee excellence in internal newsletters

Internal newsletters and intranets are great for informational updates, but they’re just as powerful for employee appreciation.

It pays to think creatively about how you can acknowledge your best performers through these channels.

You could dedicate a regular column in one of these vehicles to highlight stories about the hard work and accomplishments of top performers.

These stories are an excellent way to boost morale and inspire top talent to remain engaged and keep aiming high.

  1. Make the most of anniversaries

Some organizations treat anniversaries as just another day.

But wouldn’t it be great to work for a company that celebrates every year of your employment as an important milestone?

The average employee turnover rate remains 20 per cent higher than pre-pandemic levels.

In this tough talent market, why would any employer let an anniversary go to waste?

Each year matters in the life of an employee.

Whether they’re new to your organization or they’ve been on board for a long time, every member of your team deserves a celebration dedicated to their service.

This kind of recognition can take many forms.

But whatever you do, be sure to sincerely acknowledge people for their loyalty and their role in helping your organization advance its mission.

Final thoughts

Great companies embrace employee appreciation as a crucial way to boost motivation, minimize turnover, and set their organization apart from competitors.

Appreciating employees doesn’t need to be difficult, but it should be timely, sincere, and relevant.

Even if your budget is limited, there are endless ways to acknowledge people while reinforcing your organization’s goals, values, and culture.

Why not think outside the box and show your appreciation in a truly unique way?

All it takes is your commitment, consistency, and some thoughtful planning.

*Patrick Sipp, Co-Founder of Flying Pig Adventures.

This article first appeared at talentculture.com.

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