27 September 2023

Securing your financial future: Retirement investing tips from experts

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Tom Wilson* recaps key takeaways from an InvestSMART webinar which saw an expert panel share advice for Australians on how to manage their retirement finances.

Investing for retirement can be a complex and daunting task, especially for those who are new to the world of finance.

However, the experts at InvestSMART have recently held a game-changing webinar that has helped many Australians take control of their financial future.

The Webinar: Expert insights and practical advice

The webinar was hosted by InvestSMART’s Chief Market Strategist, Evan Lucas, along with Investor Education Specialist Tom Wilson, and Special Guest, Drew Meredith, from Wattle Partners.

With decades of combined experience in the finance industry, the panel shared their insights and provided answers to the top five questions asked by Australians entering retirement.

Diversification: Spreading the risk of investment

One of the key strategies highlighted during the webinar was the importance of ensuring a diversified investment portfolio.

A diversified portfolio spreads the risk of investment across different asset classes, reducing the impact of market volatility on the overall portfolio.

This can help protect your retirement savings from sudden market downturns and ensure long-term growth.

Sustainable retirement savings drawdown

Another important topic discussed during the webinar was sustainable retirement savings drawdown.

Withdrawing too much from your retirement savings each year can quickly deplete your nest egg, leaving you with limited funds in your later years.

The expert panel provided insights on how to find the right balance between income and preserving capital, ensuring that your savings last as long as possible.

Managing market volatility

Managing market volatility was also a key focus of the webinar.

The experts provided advice on how to safeguard your portfolio during periods of market uncertainty and reduce the impact of volatility on your investments.

Tax-efficient investment techniques

Finally, Drew discussed tax-efficient investment techniques to minimize your tax bill in retirement.

This included advice on the use of superannuation and other tax-effective investment structures, as well as strategies for managing capital gains and losses.

Take control of your financial future today

InvestSMART’s retirement investing webinar was a valuable resource for those approaching retirement or already retired.

With expert insights and practical advice, attendees gained the knowledge and confidence to make informed investment decisions and take control of their financial future.

If you missed the webinar and have any specific questions, email the InvestSMART team at [email protected].

Take the first step towards securing your financial future today.

*Tom Wilson is an Investor Education & Product Specialist within the Portfolio Services team at InvestSMART Group

This article first appeared at investsmart.com.au

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