27 September 2023

Queen honours PS on her birthday

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has marked her 2020 Birthday by bestowing official honours on a range of dedicated and committed public service professionals serving the Australian community over and above the requirements of their positions in the public sector.

Her Majesty’s awards, presented under the Order of Australia, were released in Canberra by the Governor-General, General David Hurley earlier this week.

The New South Wales Public Service employees honoured by the Queen this year, including those receiving the Public Service Medal (PSM), were:


Justice Derek Michael PRICE AO

District Court
For distinguished service to the law, and to the judiciary, in New South Wales, and through contributions to professional legal organisations.

Justice Price has been the Chief Judge of the District Court of New South Wales, since 2014.


Nicholas Maxwell FISK AM

University of New South Wales

For significant service to tertiary education, and to maternal-fetal medicine.

Professor Fisk has been Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) at the University of New South Wales since 2016.

Atticus Richard FLEMING AM

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Se
For significant service to the conservation of endangered wildlife and habitats.

Mr Fleming has been Deputy Secretary of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service since 2019.

Stephen Robert GARTON AM

University of Sydney

For significant service to tertiary education administration, and to history.

Professor Garton has been Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Sydney since 2019.

Frank Richard HOWARTH PSM

Australian Museum

For significant service to the visual arts through the museums and galleries sector.

Mr Howarth was Director of the Australian Museum from 2004 to 2014.

John Francis McKENZIE AM

Office of the Legal Services Commissioner

For significant service to the law, to the legal profession, and to social justice for the Indigenous community.

Mr McKenzie has been NSW Legal Services Commissioner since 2015.

Judith Louise MEPPEM AM

NSW Health

For significant service to nursing administration, and to community health.

Ms Meppem was Chief Nursing Officer of New South Wales from 1990 to 2002.


Local Court of New South Wales

For significant service to the law, to the judiciary, and to professional legal bodies.

Ms Mottley has been Deputy Chief Magistrate since 2009.


Geoffrey Laurence ALLAN PSM

New South Wales Fisheries

For outstanding public service to New South Wales, and to aquaculture science.

Dr Allan joined New South Wales Fisheries in 1985 and since that time has made outstanding contributions to the New South Wales public service.

His scientific work in aquaculture nutrition is world-renowned and estimated to have reduced the cost of production in the Australian industry by approximately 10% per annum. His vital impact on NSW aquaculture, through research, policy development, mentoring, and pro bono work has helped significantly grow aquaculture both nationally and internationally.

He is regarded as one of the leaders of the Australian aquaculture industry, having contributed so broadly to its development across several sectors throughout his career. In 2003 he became the first Australian elected as President of the World Aquaculture Society, and in 2011 he became an inaugural Fellow for his contributions to global aquaculture.

In 2014 he received an Excellence in Aquaculture Research Award from the Australian National Aquaculture Council on behalf of the Port Stephens Fisheries Institute, Aquaculture Research team. He was subsequently elected by his peers as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences.

As Deputy Director General of Fisheries in NSW he has led, developed and implemented significant policy reform and internal transformation. His achievements are underpinned by his ability to collaborate and bring people together, particularly in times of considerable stress and change.

Dr Allan is regarded by his peers as someone who leads by example by embodying the NSW public sector values of integrity, trust, service and accountability.


Greater Sydney Commission

For outstanding public service to infrastructure projects in New South Wales.

Ms Natalie Camilleri has driven positive change and enduring outcomes for both people and places during her 20 year career in the New South Wales Public Service. Most recently at the Greater Sydney Commission, she has been instrumental in the development and testing of the new Place-based Infrastructure Compact model.

This model allows government agencies and utility providers to deliver coherent advice to decision-makers. Using scenario planning, the model demonstrates how best to grow an area and illustrate medium and long term social, economic and environmental impacts.

It also gives confidence to industry and communities that infrastructure and services can be packaged with growth over time.

To produce and pilot the model she created a unique working environment bringing together over 100 highly skilled experts from NSW Government agencies, State corporations and utility providers. Her execution of this new collaborative environment quickly overcame any pre-existing stakeholder concerns and the result achieved was outstanding collaboration between peers across Government.

Public responses to the Place-based Infrastructure Compact model have been overwhelmingly positive, receiving praise from both Government and the community alike. It is currently being used in the development of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis and surrounding growth centres in Western Sydney.

Ms Camilleri’s Place-based Infrastructure Compact model has been described as a game-changer in the integration of land use and infrastructure planning and the impact of her efforts has the potential to be both profound and enduring.


National Parks and Wildlife Service

For outstanding public service to the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Mr Claussen has demonstrated outstanding and sustained commitment to firefighter and community safety throughout his 40 years of service to the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

He has displayed this commitment primarily through his involvement in major incident roles, fire and incident management training, and the development and delivery of the NPWS Lessons Learned Program.

Since joining the NPWS as a Field Officer in 1976 he has gained experience and knowledge through service in a variety of diverse roles.

After progressing his rank to become a Ranger in Bathurst, Trial Bay and Port Macquarie, he went on to Acting Manager of the Operations Unit in 2011, and then to the Manager Flight Unit before commencing in his current role of Senior Project Officer, Lessons Learned.

He has extensive fire and incident management experience across NSW and interstate, including eight declared Section 44 emergency bushfires, as Deputy Incident Controller and Planning Officer. He has also undertaken major fire and incident management roles including Deputy Incident Controller, Strategic Planning Officer and Fire Behaviour Analyst.

He has led the development of the NPWS Lessons Learned Program for major incidents and his innovative and collaborative approach has led to the establishment of a Lessons Learned database that facilitates rapid capture and sharing of lessons learned across NPWS. His commitment and contribution to incident management and the development and delivery of fire management training far exceeds expectations of his usual role.

Mr Claussen has devoted significant and sustained out-of-work hours throughout his career, with his dedication regarded by his peers as unparalleled.

Melinda Anne COMMENS PSM


For outstanding public service to education in New South Wales, particularly to families of children with disabilities.

Mrs Commens first joined the New South Wales Department of Education at Mirambeena School for Specific Purposes in 1990, as a support class teacher for students with an intellectual disability. In 1993 this school became the Sandon Public School.

She has made significant contributions to education and to the people of the Armidale Community through her work as a classroom teacher and leading the Positive Behaviour for Learning team, and the Learning Support Team. She has developed a range of ‘Best Practises’ that have been most successful and have resulted in staff from other schools visiting Sandon Public School to observe these practices in action.

Her work and reputation in the community has been recognised as a drawcard for many parents considering Sandon for their children. She has gone above and beyond the parameters of her role and her commitment to the holistic care of students, her ongoing support of children and families, and her sharing of strategies that families can incorporate into routines outside of school has been exemplary.

Her significant and sustained contributions throughout her career continue to have direct, long term positive outcomes for the community. She leads by example, whether it be the language she uses, the conversations she initiates or her actions towards others. This makes her a great role model for all students as well as her colleagues.

Mrs Commens’ commitment and dedication to the students of the Sandon School, to the New South Wales Department of Education, and to the broader community are of the highest order.

Anthony (Tony) Gerard DONOGHUE PSM

Local Government

For outstanding public service to local government in New South Wales.

Mr Donoghue has provided dedicated service to the community of the Coolamon Shire for 18 years. Since joining the Council in 2001 he has actively led several significant community projects in his capacity as Executive Manager, Development and Environmental Services and, since 2014, as General Manger.

His leadership and commitment to environmental issues has seen Coolamon Shire Council embrace several significant waste recycling and disposal processes, and he has influenced the broader Coolamon community to consider better waste management practices.

He played an instrumental role in the redevelopment of the Council owned Allawah Aged Care Facility that is recognised as a leader in rural aged care facilities. In addition, he managed the development of the Up2Date Cultural Precinct in Coolamon, which restored a dilapidated old building into a community cultural space, housing museums and a community library.

As an active member of the Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (REROC), he is committed to rural councils working together to improve the standard of living in their communities. He is the Chair of the REROC Waste Forum, and Convenor of the REROC Infrastructure Group, and regularly provides advice and support to other Councils within the region.

Mr Donoghue is a highly respected leader who has developed the Coolamon Shire Council into a stable, financially sound, and forward-thinking organisation.


NSW Police Force

For outstanding public service to the New South Wales Police Force.

Mr Morahan is a dedicated professional who has made outstanding contributions in Education and Training to the NSW Police Force (NSWPF) over the past 25 years. He has been dedicated to learning and development within the NSWPF and his extensive experience and knowledge of the sector’s practices and emerging needs have been of great value to the NSWPF and its personnel.

In his role as Principal Tutor of Training and Assessment he was responsible for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, the first nationally accredited Course in the NSWPF. He also designed the assessment tasks and accompanying tools for the inaugural NSWPF Sergeant promotion process.

As Manager Professional Development Cell, Special Services Group he has worked with subject matter experts to develop two existing training programs into the Advanced Diploma Surveillance and Undercover Operations. His innovative work has ensured the training and assessment of the next generation of police is of the highest quality. He has set a high standard for professional training and assessment in the NSWPF and enhanced skill levels within the Undercover, Surveillance and Aviation fields. The programs he has developed have been sought out by other police jurisdictions both in Australia and internationally.

Mr Morahan’s promotions programs over the years have provided both police and administrative staff the opportunity to advance their skills and progress their careers.

Noelani Verina REARDON PSM

NSW Transport

For outstanding public service to road safety in New South Wales.

Mrs Reardon has delivered outstanding service to the people of New South Wales through her dedication to safety outcomes across the transport network. Drawing on her knowledge and expertise, she has led cultural and operational transformation since joining the NSW Transport cluster over 15 years ago.

During this time she has shown unwavering commitment to reducing the state’s road toll and improving the safety performance of the NSW road network.

Her contributions to legislative frameworks and policy development have provided direct benefits to the community. She has contributed to, managed, or implemented several milestones in the legislation and policy space including the: NSW Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program, Driver Distraction Action Plan, numerous Australian Road Rules Amendment Packages for NSW Road Rules, Breakdown Safety Strategy and the NSW Government’s Staysafe Inquiry into Road User Distraction.

She has earned a reputation as a leading road safety champion. Her ability to motivate and affect positive outcomes in her team, and those she collaborates with, has resulted in a cultural shift in attitudes towards road safety. Currently she is leading her team in several key projects that will assist in identifying and mitigating safety risks across the Sydney road network such as the Increasing Pedestrian Safety in Sydney Project, the enhanced Sydney Fatality and Serious Injury Report, Towards Zero Sydney Road Safety Project, and the Safety Benefits Realisation project.

Mrs Reardon provides a supportive environment to a team that analyses and investigates road trauma and works closely with stakeholders to identify mitigation strategies. She manages the workload with sensitivity and dedication to deliver positive road safety outcomes for the community of New South Wales.

Jane Elizabeth SIMMONS PSM


For outstanding public service to education in New South Wales.

Ms Simmons joined the New South Wales Public Service in 1987 as a teacher at Westfield Sports High School. Since that time she has proven herself to be a committed educator in her positions as a School Principal, School Education Director, Regional Director, and a number of positions at Executive Director Level; currently as an Executive Director, School Services.

Underpinned by a desire to ensure equitable learning occurs for all students she has demonstrated a commitment to system-wide and local level improvement in public schools. She has a strong focus on developing students’ confidence and resilience and creating opportunities for them to excel. She has led the coordination of several large-scale programs including the NSW Department of Education’s Strategic Services Tailored Support initiative, the ROSETE Program in partnership with Western Sydney University, and Girls in Property Week, a partnership with the Property Council NSW.

As the Co-Executive Producer of the Schools Spectacular she has led this established annual event’s rebranding and growth into a world-class show involving 5500 diverse students from public schools across NSW.

In her role as Executive Director School Services she provides strategic leadership for a team of more than 700 staff spread throughout the state. This enables schools to deliver highly effective teaching and leadership services, wellbeing services, Aboriginal education, community engagement and systems support. She encourages innovation and responsible risk-taking, transparency and shared expertise. Some of the outcomes this approach has achieved are improved Literacy and Numeracy results, and decreased suspension rates in targeted schools.

Ms Simmons throughout her career has positively impacted many thousands of students in New South Wales.


Corrective Services

For outstanding public service to Corrective Services in New South Wales.

Mrs Wallace has provided outstanding service to Corrective Services New South Wales for over 40 years. Commencing as a cadet in 1979 she has provided Personal Assistant support to Governors and General Managers of the Cessnock Correctional Centre for four decades, carrying out her duties with the highest level of integrity and service.

Throughout her career she has been a part of many organisational changes and during every challenge brought about by these changes she has earned the respect of those who have worked with her. As Personal Assistant to the Governor she has proven to be a highly competent and well organised officer. She has employed excellent communication skills and strong focus in a fast paced and high stress environment.

She has demonstrated unfailing discretion when dealing with highly confidential information and tasks and her attention to detail and reliability have seen her become what her peers describe as the ‘backbone’ of the Governor’s office. She provides an essential link between the Governor and Cessnock Correctional Centre staff and Corrections Executive and Ministers.

Mrs Wallace’s dedication and her professionalism when interacting with multilevel stakeholders have made her an exemplary ambassador for Corrective Services New South Wales.

Jane Amelia WYNTER PSM

Art Gallery of New South Wales

For outstanding public service to the visual arts and cultural sector in New South Wales.

Ms Wynter’s outstanding service to the Art Gallery of New South Wales for over two decades has enabled the significant growth of the State’s art collection. As of 2019, the Gallery had acquired 1248 art works valued at over $185.5 million, as a result of her efforts. An additional 2271 works have been acquired through the fruitful bequest program she established.

Her expertise, innovation and dedication have established her as a leader in her field and she has played a pivotal role in developing the philanthropic culture in the Art Gallery of NSW and more broadly. The Sydney Modern Capital Campaign drew heavily on frameworks she initiated and was successful in surpassing its $100 million target. The campaign was part of the largest public-philanthropic partnership of its kind in the Australian cultural sector, and is regarded as a landmark achievement in the arts.

She has been essential in forging meaningful and productive relationships between the Art Gallery of NSW and benefactors and has worked tirelessly to successfully build the Gallery’s reputation within the Australian philanthropic community, and with supporters abroad. Highly respected in her field she generously shares her knowledge, expertise and insights with her peers. She has mentored colleagues of Art Gallery of NSW as well as other institutions including the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, State Theatre Company South Australia and College of Fine Arts, Sydney.

Ms Wynter’s commitment and dedication to the Art Gallery of New South Wales has contributed significantly to the State’s cultural environment.


Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty APM

Homicide Squad

Superintendent Stephen Hegarty APM

Marine Area Command

Detective Superintendent Murray Reynolds APM

Bankstown Police Area Command

Chief Inspector Nicole Bruce APM

Richmond Police District

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Faux APM

State Intelligence Operations

Chief Inspector John Klepczarek APM

The Hume Police District

Detective Chief Inspector Gregory Thomas APM

Northern Region Operations

Sergeant Jeffrey Farmer APM

Port Stephens-Hunter Police District

Sergeant Ian Miller APM

Leichhardt Police Area Command

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