26 September 2023

Pil’s Adventures

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Reviewed by Rama Gaind.

Writer/director: Julien Fournet, Icon Film Distribution.

Fantasy and magic make for a fun experience as Pil’s Adventures presents a multi-hued and livelier tone in this mostly cheerful fairytale.

Pil is a spirited young orphan living in the medieval city of Foggyburgh. One day, the sinister regent of the kingdom, Lord Tristain (Terrence Scammel) curses Roland, the heir to the throne, by changing him into a ‘chickat’ (half chicken, half cat). To save Roland and the kingdom, Pil embarks on a quest for the antidote, along with Graubart, a knight who breaks the codes, is a slow-witted, clumsy guard with a good heart; Jiggler, a fearful 13-year-old jester, dressed in a ridiculous outfit and a hat with bells; and her three tamed weasels – Scratcher, Fluffy and Gobbly.

Even when it should have looked scarier, like in the Cursed Forest, the animated adventure has jesting action and some moments of risk.

The title character, Pil (voiced by Eleanor Noble), is a good leader and a 12-year-old girl role model, being courageous, astute and hospitable. She is dressed in rags, covered in filth and has spiky hair. Vagabond life and misery have made her suspicious, individualistic and thieving, but also very resourceful and cunning. Endowed with extraordinary agility, she never goes anywhere without her three tamed weasels who help her in all situations. Hot-headed and mischievous, she combines stunts and acrobatics in action sequences full of humour.

Roland, a fiery 18-year-old, is an heir victim of enchantment, chivalrous and a little too naive. It is in this ridiculous form (chickat) that the poor prince will follow Pil and her companions in search of an antidote. Once his human appearance is recovered, Roland experiences after-effects from his transformation, and will continue to cluck or meow from time to time.

Thanks to her new adventure companions, Pil discovers friendship, generosity, courage and solidarity. She will learn to share, to take an interest in others, and will discover that true nobility is that of the heart.

  • Pil’s Adventures is in cinemas on 2 June

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