26 September 2023

Independence Day: Resurgence

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Reviewed by Victor Rebikoff.

Director: Roland Emmerich, 20th Century Fox, M, 120 Minutes.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the master of disaster movies Roland Emerich (‘2012’) has made a stimulating sequel which follows the huge success of his first alien invasion film, ‘Independence Day’ released 25 years earlier.

Taking-off from the first film, and with most of the original characters returning, it is Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth (‘Hunger Games’ franchise) who’s replaced Will Smith in the major role as the rebellious fighter pilot Jake Morrison.

Apart from Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum reprises his David Levinson character as head of Area 51’s scientific research centre as does Brent Spiner, the crazy Dr Brakish Okun who’s reawakened from a coma after his near-death experience with an alien.

With all nations of the world unified in preparing for any future attack, the earth celebrates in excess of twenty years of peace until the former President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) starts receiving signals suggesting another invasion may be imminent.

This time the American leader is President Lanford (Sela Ward – ‘Gone Girl’), not Hillary Clinton, while the head of her military is General Adams (William Fichtner – ‘Elysium’) and the air force is under command of Smith’s smart son Dylan (Jessie Usher – ‘Shaft’).

The sudden re-emergence of the huge alien mothership, including their astonishing attack on the Earth’s major landmarks, sets the scene for another confrontation with the alien race hell-bent on humanity’s annihilation.

But it is ultimately left to Dylan to lead the charge and save the world, accompanied by Jake, President Whitmore’s daughter Patricia (Maika Monroe – ‘The 5th Wave’) and the eccentric Okun.

Emerich’s stunning sequel is nothing short of amazing, combining sci-fi action and disaster movie into one enjoyable roller coaster ride using spectacular special effects to great effect that is sure to please sci-fi fans and movie lovers everywhere.

Despite not having the scintillating Smith the void is entertainingly filled by Hemsworth and Usher, as well as Goldblum, Star Trek’s Spiner and the sword-wielding African leader Umbutu (Deobia Oparei).

In some respects, Emerich’s entertaining sequel is more exciting and thrilling than the original.

Vic’s Verdict: 4 Stars

Independence Day: Resurgence is to be televised on Channel 7 at 7.00pm on Saturday, 17 July.

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