27 September 2023

In park we trust!

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Opening with a visit to the national capital today where a new pay carpark has been announced for a popular recreation area just out of town.

Used often by the local people for running, walking, mountain biking, cycling, horse riding and other bushy interests, the Stromlo Forest Park is a multi-use recreational sporting facility with the local minister promising that the income from the parking will go towards improving the Park by adding new trails as well as maintaining the existing network.

“Stromlo Forest Park is a premier recreation destination and continues to experience growing popularity,” the Minister said.

“(It) attracts around 560,000 visitors each year,” he said.

Whoa! 560,000 visitors?

According to PS-sssst’s calculator, 560,000 people spread over 365 days each year would see 1,573 visitors visiting the park every day.

That would be 3 people turning up to the gates every minute for 10 hours.

Not bad in a city – Canberra – that only has 450,000 citizens.

It’s going to be a verrrry big carpark!

Babies not bouys

To South Australia now where the lucky families who live on the amazing Kangaroo Island just off Adelaide have had their medical services upgraded so their women can give birth to babies on the island.

According to the SA government, the island’s mothers needed to have their babies born in Adelaide in recent years as the birthing services on the Island were suspended on multiple occasions as their impact on the local GP Clinic faced ‘workforce challenges’.

“The Kangaroo Island Health Service (KIHS) said that women classified as high-risk would continue to be transferred to the mainland before their birth, but once they have been discharged, they will be able to receive postnatal care from their KIHS midwife,” the Government said.

It said the Island’s new service would include two Registered Midwives, Medical Consultants in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and General Practice Obstetricians as well as a Midwifery Unit Manager.

And what better name could they have in the Midwifery Unit Manager which just happens to abbreviate itself to MUM!

Stout advice

Worksafe Victoria has urged the State’s workers to plan ahead and protect themselves against the heat this summer which they expect will arrive with hot days delivering ‘scorching hot temperatures’.

Declaring that the heat could reach around 40 degrees in some parts of the State, WorkSafe assured workers their health and safety were in good hands as its Executive Director of Health and Safety is the excellently and aptonymically named officer, Narelle Beer!

PS-sssst! is of the view that if anyone was likely to set the scene for the average working person to cope with a ‘scorching hot temperature’ it will be Dr Beer, even if it’s just to remind him or her that the most enjoyable way to deal with super heat is to do so with occasional visits to the nearest fridge!

New book a history!

Another year, another 12-months of Rama Gaind’s ever-popular giveaway games get underway, with the chance to win a copy of the Australian book The Work of History: Writing for Stuart Macintyre edited by Peter Beilharz and Sian Supski.

All we had to do to join Rama’s army of resourceful racing and rounded rivalry was identify how the editors of the book established Mr Macintyre’s legacy.

The answer is, according to the book, they did it through the contemplations of others on the interests and issues that inspired his life’s work.

And the two lucky readers first out of PS-sssst’s Barrel of Booty with the right answer were Voret C of the Australian Taxation Office and Suzanna A of the federal Department of Home Affairs.

Congratulations to Voret and Suzanna and thanks to everyone who joined in the fun.

The excellent books will be on their way to their new owners very soon.

For another chance to put your good luck skills to work be sure to join Rama’s current movie giveaway for which she has 18 double passes to give to 2 readers in each of the 9 PS News editions to see the brand new Sony film Missing at this PS News link and another book prize – The Briefest English Grammar and Punctuation Guide Ever! – also up for grabs at this PS News link.

Like all the best things in life, Rama’s PS-sssst puzzles and pleasantries are free and all we have to do to be a winner is give them a go.

Good luck to all who do!

Tip top

And finally, the fingers vs the toes debate.

Why is it that some of us have nothing better to do than ask by asking: Why do we have fingers and fingertips but we don’t have toetips?

And, as if that’s not toey enough: How is it we can tiptoe but we can’t tipfinger?

Why does one person hand out tip tops and another top tips?

It’s all typical if not topical!

Till next week…

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