27 September 2023

In cars we trust!

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Another week, another notable abbreviation worth celebrating, this time readers are pointed to the Christian Bible where the ultimate answer to road safety may have been uncovered.

The National Road Safety is at full speed this week – 15 to 22 May – and is encouraging road users all over to “take the pledge to drive so others survive.”

And what better recommendation to promote the move than to suggest we all join the ’Safer Australian Roads and Highways’ group to reflect on the lives lost on the roads and remember that road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

And for those of us with propensities for perfection or a realisation that the religious acronym of ’Safer Australian Roads and Highways’ could have the answer since it is SARAH, the highly regarded wife of the Bible’s Abraham and mother of Isaac.

May God shower his support for the organisers promoting the safety program, although PS-sssst! has doubts about whether either the thousands of years old Abraham, Isaac or even Sarah, had licences to drive on today’s roads!

Best we dodge our potholes just in case!

Pinned down.

To a story from a week or two back now in which the creative brilliance of Queensland’s Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) saw it imposing fines on members of the public found to be infringing parks’ rules and threatening to damage wildlife, plants, trees and other attractions while also endangering other visitors.

“Rangers are calling for improved public behaviour in national parks and State forests,” the QPWS said.

Penalty Infringement Notices (PINs) were handed out to people who unlawfully rode motorbikes, didn’t wear seatbelts, ignored road closed signs, took dogs into national parks and camped without permits,” it said.

Clamping down on such misbehaviour with a ‘PIN’, QPWS has joined the most popular reactions to rudists everywhere, where other ‘PINs’ are used as abbreviations to achieve similar outcomes.

From the PS-sssst! record, not only can a PIN be a Penalty Infringement Notice as the service explains it can above,, it can also be a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the military; Press Information Notice (PIN) in the media; Password Identification Notification (PIN) in Computing; People In Need (PIN) in Non-Profit Organisations; a Positive Intrinsic Negative (PIN) in electronics; Personal Interactive Navigation (PIN) in IT; Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia (PIN) in medicine with heaps more until it finds it truest of all acronyms Pain In the Neck (PIN!).

To shoot or be shot?

A visit now to PS-sssst!’s popular parade where the wile and wisdom of Victoria’s Department of Health is on show and the ultra-talented Philomena S has been hard at hilarity, compiling the cleverest contributions of comedy and comicality to unveil another brain strainer by asking questions that seem to have too many unanswerable answers to answer with.

This week’s sceptre of scope from Philomena raises the query:

“At what point does a shot person qualify to have been assassinated instead of simply being murdered?”

One for the rich perhaps, but another fine fluster from Philomena!

Thanks again….!

An objecting sharp?

To Rama Gaind and her weekly giveaway now in which one lucky reader has the chance to score a double-disc Blu-ray copy of the eight-part psychological TV thriller Sharp Objects starring Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina and Eliza Scanlen.

To join Rama’s world of winners all we had to do was tell her which of the movie’s stars was the Aussie, the answer to which was Eliza Scanlen who had played Tabitha Ford in Home and Away.

The first correct answer to pop out of the PS News Barrel of Booty belonged to Scott P from Services Australia NSW, making Scott the lucky reader this week and giving Sharp Objects a new home to cut around in.

Congratulations Scott and thanks to everyone who took part in the fun. Scott’s new blu-ray will be on its way very shortly.

For another chance to be a Rama winner simply follow her books and/or DVD reviews and answer her simple quiz questions, one being to win her latest reviewed DVD A Day to Die at this PS News link and another the Book Resilience Recipes: Making Space for Wellbeing that Works at this link.

Good luck to everyone who does!

Till next week…….

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