26 September 2023

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Another howling round of HOWLA power now with the never-failing, never-ceasing and never-impressing acronym ‘Headline Of the Week of Laughter Award’ immortalising those immortal headline honchos whose borders of creativity know no bounds!

First candidate off the can this week is the South Australian Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing (SAORSaR) for its brilliant welcome to the young women’s junior soccer team, congratulating them for training in SA for the lead up to next year’s Women’s World Cup.

“Young Matildas to waltz into SA for World Cup training camp” was the onside goal-scoring headline those SAORSaR brain stormers thundered to kick their ever-clever news massage across.

It was enough to snap up this week’s highly honourable HOWLA No. 1 but – as it never pains but it soars – there’s a HOWLA No. 2 awarded to the ACT Libraries whose announcement that they’ve booked a stack of redevelopemnts has been adjudged a winner too.

Sharing their news with the public, the ACT Libraries chose an equally HOWLA-ble headline declaring: “A new chapter for ACT Libraries….”.

Congratulations extraordinaire to Immortals 1 and 2 along with a call for readers to be on the look-out for HOWLAs of their own!

Olympic gold meddle

Hopping onto the Olympic bandwagon now with the Gold-Medal notice that while everyone who took to the fields of Tokyo last week and the week before, while they can run, swim, jump, throw, sail, ride, fence, dive and more, one thing they can’t do is get the age of their games right.

Sharp-memoried PS News readers in the ACT may recall a story last month immortalising the local sportspersons for being chosen to take part in the Olympics, referring to the event as its ‘30th’ occasion since the first games in 1896.

Puzzlingly, the Olympic officials declared the event as the 32 nd games even though the official history of the Olympics reveals there have only been 29 events since 1896.

Sure, there have been 31 periods of four-years between 1896 and 2020 (124 ÷ 4) which would make Tokyo no. 32 but on three occasions (1916, 1940 and 1944) there were NO Olympics held which leaves Tokyo 2020 as the actual number 29.

Admittingly, PS News was one off the correct answer but its defences are that a) it was closer than the International Olympic Committee and b) it didn’t have the multi-skwillion dollars the Committee had to get it right!

Daze off!

To Australia at its most Australian now with the wonderful Australians of Queensland showing it’s not possible to put a genuine Aussie down.

Faced with the disastrous fact that the COVID disaster has forced the cancellation of the Sunshine State’s annual ‘Royal Show’- also known as the ‘Exhibition’ or ‘Ekka’ – for the second year in a row, the decision has been made that Ekka’s annual public holiday that goes with it is to be resurrected anyway!

“The Ekka Public Holiday will be moved,” a stern Stage government declared.

‘If we can’t have the Ekka this year … it makes sense to move the holiday.”

“Hear, hear’”, concurs PS-sssst!.

Australia: Land of the Long Weekend!

Worldly award!

Another gratis giveaway as usual this week when Rama Gaind digs once again into the deep and delightful with free freebies for lucky winners lucky to win in her weekly contest to scoop up a scarce and stimulating reward.

The stake for the taking this week is the 19th century DVD period drama Edge Of The World starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Dominic Monaghan.

To mark out claim for an Edge of the World all we had to do was tell Rama where and when the classic story was set, the answer to which was a jungle kingdom in 1840s Borneo.

The three Ramadans who knew the answer and whose entrants skipped out of the Barrel of Booty first, were Voret C from the Australian Taxation Office, Felicia C from Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and Jan B from South Australia’s RevenueSA.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone for taking their chances. The prize DVDs will be on their way to their new homes soon.

For another chance to join Rama’s Army of Winning Ramadans, simply open up her latest review and offering of this DVD Till Death at this PS News link and/or her other giveaway gift of this Book Sort Your Sh!t Out at this link.

A giveaway of great good luck to all who try and join in the fun. It’s free, it can be rewarding and you know you deserve a reward so give it a go.

Good luck to all who do!

Home, back home!

And finally, to the residential wonders of South Australia now where the State’s housing authority has unveiled new policies to ensure that more vulnerable citizens in need can be housed.

Announcing the excellent move, the local Minister said the income and asset limits for needy people on the waiting list are to be ‘drastically’ reduced and social housing eligibility is to be ‘dramatically’ cut.

“South Australia has the most generous social housing criteria in the nation,” the Minister announced proudly.

“- and will now be brought into line with the other States and Territories.”

PS-sssst! may have missed something but if the ‘most generous social housing criteria in the nation’ is to be ‘brought into line with the other States and Territories’, something might be headed in the wrong direction.

‘Till next week…….

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