27 September 2023

Five things employees value most

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Glassdoor team*shares insights into employee values to help managers support their teams.

You spoke, and we listened. Our recent employer branding research provided employees and job seekers with an outlet to tell us specifically what they think about their jobs.

What we’ve learned can help you improve a less-than-ideal situation at work, or show you how to recognize if you’ve got it good and should stay put.

  1. Pride in the company’s brand

Public persona is important.

Almost 70 per cent of workers surveyed said it’s extremely or very important that their employer has a brand they’re proud to support.

And, they want leadership involved in spreading the word, with 70 per cent also saying it is extremely or very important that an organization’s leadership team actively promotes the company’s values and culture.

Odds are, if you feel proud to work at your company, management is likely doing a pretty good job of cultivating a company culture that makes you feel good about working there.

If you don’t feel proud to work there, think about why that is.

Is it something that you can discuss with your manager, or is there someone in leadership to help fix it? If not, it might be time to start looking for a company you feel proud to support.

  1. Fair pay

There’s a gap between what employees think companies should be doing on pay and what they are actually doing.

A whopping 81 per cent of employees we surveyed said it’s important for their employer to pay people fairly and equitably, but only 66 per cent are satisfied with their employer’s performance.

Hopefully, your company is committed to equal pay, and you and your co-workers are satisfied with their salaries.

If research shows you’re not being paid fairly, it may be time to ask for a raise.

You’re allowed to discuss your pay at work — it’s the law

  1. Benefits and wellness

Of the employees we surveyed, 75 per cent said it’s “extremely important or very important” that their employer supports their well-being with great benefits, but only 65 per cent are satisfied with what they’re getting.

A lot has changed in the last couple of years, and employers are stepping up their game in terms of benefits and perks to attract the best workers.

Even if you’re happy with what your company offers, you might want to see how competitive your benefits are compared to other organizations’ offerings.

You can help drive change at your company by making suggestions on how to improve the benefits package.

  1. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Company culture shouldn’t just be something described vaguely on the company’s website.

Employees want to know that their company is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion with specific and measurable goals.

In our survey, 41 per cent of employees were less than satisfied with the sharing of DEI goals and progress on meeting those goals.

How does company leadership respond to employee feedback that asks for more inclusivity?

If their DEI program is just lip service or words on a website, consider leaving constructive, anonymous feedback on Glassdoor to see if the company takes action.

If they don’t, and DEI is important to you, it might be time to look for a company that’s walking the talk.

  1. Transparency

A third of the workforce we surveyed indicated they want transparency from an employer.

This can mean pay transparency, but also could simply mean honest and authentic communications from management.

Employees want measurable efforts that show leaders are responding to employee feedback and making changes in response to what the workforce wants.

When considering a new job, ask how they are practicing transparency and responding to employee feedback such as online reviews and surveys.

*Glassdoor is one of the world’s largest job and recruiting websites.

This article first appeared at glassdoor.com.

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