27 September 2023

Courageous Invitations: How to be your best self and succeed through self-disruption

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Reviewed by Rama Gaind.

By Dr Jefferson Yu-Jen Chen, Anne Duggan, Hambone Publishing, $32.95.

Self-mastery as a concept has been around for thousands of years, having been received with both eagerness and cynicism.
The desire to improve ourselves, to learn, grow and develop is not a modern-day phenomenon. Learn how to bring about significant personal transformation and growth with ease and become your best self without finding your purpose first.

Drawing on decades of leadership experience, Dr Jefferson Yu-Jen Chen and Anne Duggan explore how the principles of disruption can be applied to get what you want in life and become your best-self. They question conventional thinking around purpose and the importance that it plays in achieving success.

According to Anne Duggan – who has more than 25 years of experience in leading vast multi-disciplinary teams – courage and leadership in today’s world are synonymous.

“To be effective in today’s business landscape, leadership involves more than just leading through direction, but requires the engagement of hearts and minds. Having courage is not a natural behavioral trait and often requires a very specific and intentional act to galvanise ourselves towards courageousness. “

Dr Jefferson Yu-Jen Chen, who has extensive experience advising leaders across different sectors, says having courage requires leaders to have resilience, to be purposeful and intentional, to be authentic, curious, agile or adaptable and self-disciplined.

“These things do not come naturally to most. We are often derailed by our own neuro-science and our fears which become the ‘handbrake’ on good intentions or actions.”

Courageous Invitations was born out of life experiences and the self-mastery journey that the authors have been on.

By putting together their knowledge of business, leadership and self-mastery, the authors developed this book to assist “you to navigate self-disruption and to re-imagine, re-calibrate and activate your best self.”

“By the end of this book, we hope that you will have made some productive cognitive-behavioural shifts.”

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