26 September 2023

Bosch & Rockit

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Reviewed by Rama Gaind.

Director: Tyler Atkins, Madman Entertainment.

In the late summer along the Australian coast, a young father Bosch (Luke Hemsworth, The Reckoning, The Anomaly) is on the run for drug dealing with his surf gang. In tow is his son, Rockit (Rasmus King, 6 Festivals), who believes he is on a magical holiday.

Bosch & Rockit is a powerful story told through the eyes of a young teenage boy, taking us on an incredible journey from boyhood to manhood. As Rockit grapples to understand why his mother’s not coming home, he embarks on this journey with his father, only to discover they’re actually running from the law.

While on the run, they struggle through unbelievable circumstances only armed with hope, courage and determination. Bosch gives his all trying to protect his son. Rockit struggles to come to terms with the hand he has been dealt. Unable to attend school because of the ‘heat’ it would draw from the police and with no mother around to nurture him, Rockit turns to surfing and the life that is associated with it as a means of escape. Eventually, his luck runs out and Bosch has to face reality.

Filmed in Byron Bay, against the canvas of Australia’s famous east coast surf beaches and rainforests, this is a raw and unapologetic exploration of unconscious parenting.

Written, produced and directed by Tyler Atkins, this is an evocative, poetic drama that explores the deeper themes of love, forgiveness, human connection, self- understanding, the depths of struggle and the powerful life-affirming effect of love.

Here is an exploration of a concept of ‘chasing’ happiness by diving into the upbringing of our protagonist; Rockit

As Atkins elaborates: “Based on a true story, I set out to design a feature film that quenches the thirst for meaningful cinema and illuminates the desperate need in humanity to re-examine and understand love.”

“I chose to tell the story through Rockit’s eyes because I believe this perspective adds power to a story that explores the concept of parenting versus the reality of being a kid in today’s society.”

“My aim is to uplift, motivate and inspire audiences to forgive ourselves and others.”

  • Bosch & Rockit is screening in cinemas nationally

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