25 September 2023

Beyond the Money: A Practical Guide for Successful Men Leaving Full-time Work

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Reviewed by Rama Gaind.

By Steve Mendl, self-published by Grammar Factory, $27.49.

When successful men make the move out of full-time work into the next stage of their life, at first, they may feel apprehensive. Feelings of disillusionment, misperception and anxiety could follow.

Transition coach and author, Mendl looks at the mindset needed for such a transition. The ideal remedies are in this practical guide for men leaving gainful employment. So, if you are aged between 45 and 65, but hesitant about making one of the biggest life changes, then look no further than reading Beyond Money. You will soon be eager to take the leap into the next stage of your life to make it more meaningful, satisfying and enjoyable.

Filled with case studies, exercises and tips for managing change, Mendl has mentored over 1,000 individuals experiencing personal, career and active retirement transitions.

Some men succumb to post-work depression and there’s a lack of purpose and direction. Then there’s a loss of identity – who are they now they’ve left the working world?

Mendl says “for three generations of men – Post-Depression, Baby Boomers and some Gen Xers – the move into the next stage of their life after full-time work is a big one, often filled with questions bout identity, purpose and how to meaningfully fill the days of the next twenty-five years or so”.

“Money is important because in the western world it allows us to live our desired lifestyle. However, it’s not the only part of life that will provide happiness, joy and meaning when you move out of full-time employment and transition into the next stage of your life.”

“Part of the challenge we face is around busting the myths ingrained in our society.”

Founder of Next-Aging & The Beyond The Money Programs over the past 12 years, Steve Mendl has worked with clients from Microsoft, Qantas, Rio Tinto, American Express, Bupa and Woolworths.

Mendl has followed his “passions to look beyond the money when pursuing my ideas and dreams”. Invaluable, motivational skills and inspiration from those near and dear have also contributed to this precious legacy.

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