26 September 2023

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By Paul Gover.

Q: Would you be kind enough to comment on the on-going value of the collector’s 50th Anniversary Range Rover, given a totally-new look may be released in 2021 or 2022.

I have been a customer since 1978 over eight Rovers, now enjoying the Fabulous I-Pace electric.

I was hoping to hear or read your assessment regarding the keen buyers of Range Rovers.

This one is costing, at sticker price, more than double what I have paid on previous Land Rover products.

I enjoy the shape and features, also I have turned them over recently within 2 years at a depreciation of around 10 per cent, so a fun use without a major loss.

George H

A: Honestly, no car today is a collectible – short of a Ferrari or Porsche. I’ve just spent a week in the new Defender, and delayed my reply, because it is going to be a sellout on style and capability and I would take it over a Range Rover if you want to minimise depreciation.

Q: My daughter is about to get her license and buy her first car.

She’s looking between Subaru Forester and a Toyota RAV4, spending about $6000.

Is there a better suggestion? A Hyundai?

She likes the small 4WD “look”

Jen L

A: For a first-time driver, I would go with the more car-like Forester. You should also get better value, as people pay more just to have a Toyota badge even if the car is not better than its rivals.

Q: My daughter is looking for a new car and would like to know your suggestion.

She has three golfing sons so needs space for three sets of clubs in the back and is considering a group of dual-cabs.

The ones on here list are Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, VW Amarok, Holden Colorado, Nissan Navarra and Mitsubishi Triton.

Shane R

A: Why is she buying a ute? It’s not a car and golfing sons is no reason to go away from a station wagon or an SUV. Utes are, truly, a camel (horse designed by a committee) that don’t do anything well if you’re not talking a proper tradie ute and instead one of these ‘fashion items’. The best ute was, and is, the Ford Ranger. But she be considering the new Kia Sorento, an SUV with space.

Q: I believes there is a Hyundai-Kia twin cab on the cards.

I believe they’re coming in 2021 and I heard with a straight six engine.

Is that true and what more could you tell me?

Russell C

A: There is zero confirmation from Korea of a ute program. Lots of rumours, but nothing more. There is an upcoming ute in the USA, but it’s a project directed at America and not for Australia and not one of the popular one-tonners sold here.

Q: Just wanting some advice on the Volkswagen Polo as I’m looking at buying it new.

I have been warned against it from family members and friends who have owned the Golf in recent years.

More than one experienced transmission issues, so is this something I should be concerned about with the Polo?

Also, what are your thoughts on the DSG?


A: The Polo is an excellent baby car, solid and safe, good to drive and well built. Like people who have food poisoning and never it the same food again, lots of people have heard – or experienced – something bad in the past of DSG. Those days are gone and I’ve not heard of any complaints for years.

Q: I have had your good advice many years ago so am asking again.

I am selling my 9-year-old Hyundai i30 to my 21-year-old grand-daughter.

As now over 70 I would like to buy a small-to-medium SUV.

I am looking at Hyundai Tucson or Honda HRV and would like your advice.

At the moment I have a middle-of-road i30 and like all extras.

Joyce W

A: You’re aiming too big with the Tucson and too old with the HR-V. Go instead to Hyundai and look at the Venue and Kona, which will be better for your size needs. You should give similar equipment for a good deal but negotiate hard.

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