26 September 2023

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By Paul Gover.

Q: With the Holden closure, I am looking at purchasing a 2016 Holden Caprice V WN Series II with the 6.2-litre V8.

Will will the depreciation really nose dive now or will it not go down so fast as before?

I know the fuel economy is 18.4 litres/100km around town, 9.7 country and 12.9 combined, but in my test drive the fuel computer didn’t show as bad as the specs although the fuel gauge needle appeared to move visibly downwards even over the 25 kilometres.

Any thoughts on purchasing the car as I like the big long-wheelbase cars and it’s just for personal usage.

Bruce H

A: Prices for the last of the locally-made Holdens are on the increase, although it’s impossible to set any long-term pattern. Fuel use can be very heavy but it’s mostly controlled by your right foot. They are lovely old-school beasts for private enjoyment.

Q: Can you tell me which is the better car out of the Mazda3 2014 or the Toyota Camry 2014.

At the moment I have a Toyota Echo 2005 which has done about 98,000 kilometres, in very good condition and serviced regularly with no mechanical problems.

I was wondering if you could give me a rough estimate on what I could get for my car if I sold it?

Val V

A: Both have a great reputation, but you will get more cabin space and better value in the Camry. That’s because more people are chasing a Mazda3, which is one of the benchmarks – together with the Hyundai i30 and Toyota Corolla – in the small-car world. The best way to check values is to go to www.carsales.com.au and look at similar cars.

Q: I am tossing up on whether to purchase a Toyota Prado GLX or the Izuzu MUX.

I am travelling to Cape York in June and will be towing a caravan as far as Cooktown before proceeding on to the Cape in the vehicle. I am not a Telegraph Track type of driver and I will be sticking to the Development road.

James L

A: Prado. It’s a LandCruiser and that means it should be bulletproof for the trip and towing, and it is a class above the MUX when it comes to regular SUV duties and your life back at home.

Q: I’m thinking of buying a Kia Rio S model in a manual and I was wondering your thoughts.

Janis M

A: It gets The Tick from me. But spend extra, if you can, to ensure you get all the safety stuff.

Q: I’m keen on buying a 2017 or 2018 Mercedes E Class All Terrain.

We have three kids so I thought it offers plenty of space without resorting to an SUV.

The car is supposedly frugal which is important too.

Martin R

A: The E Class wagon is my all-time favourite Benz, and a definite antidote to the SUV plague. It gets The Tick from me on space, comfort and refinement and the diesel engine is good.

Q: For a motoring escapade to Broken Hill from Berwick in Victoria, which vehicle do you recommend I use?

I’m thinking SUV, so I’m considering Volvo, Toyota or Range Rover, but you’re the guru, so what’s your experience tell you?

Manufacturer is unimportant; suitability and reliability are.

Frank C

A: It’s a no-brainer. A Toyota Prado, or LandCruiser if you have the cash. Not as cushy as a Range Rover, or as modern and stylish as a Volvo, but absolutely fit for purpose.

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