26 September 2023

Algorithms Ate My Neighbours

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Reviewed by Ian Phillips.

By Abertooth Lincoln, Riot Records 2023.

In the words of Monty PythonAnd now for something completely different’.

Abertooth Lincoln are an edgy punk hardcore band from Dayton Ohio and their music is heavy, weird, and complicated. It’s not for the faint-hearted but it’s certainly a unique experience.

The band is fronted by the imposing presence of Edith Coleslaw, aka Ashley Pooler, and she is mesmerising.

Abertooth Lincoln’s song lyrics contain satiric biting social commentaries laced with weird off the wall humour, and often they’re in-your-face confronting.

While they are direct and harsh and they take no prisoners, the cleverness of the presentation not only makes them palatable but delivers them with the precision of a stiletto and bludgeons it home with a riot of noise from an outstanding band.

What makes the band stand out from other hardcore bands is the incredible level of musicianship amongst the members and the level of sophistication of their songs.

This is not aimless aggression. It’s cleverly constructed social commentary, critique and analysis, and the criticism of social absurdities that we rarely question is entirely warranted.

There are a few clips of the band on YouTube that are worth checking out. They give some idea of the energy they bring to their live performances.

Gig goers have been unanimous in their praise:

Everyone in attendance was completely floored by the sheer energy and powerful voice of Ashley Pooler and the brutality of the rest of the band. – Razorcake

The ability to do all this seamlessly has always impressed me on record and left my jaw hanging open more than once when I’ve seen them live. – Punknews.com

The fact that they delivered their message surfing on a groundswell of churning space-jazz and straight-up hostile noise really sealed the deal for me. – Chicago Crowd Surfer.

This album is my introduction to the band and I’m blown away by them.

For a debut it’s going to set a high standard to follow.

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