26 September 2023

AFP releases high-rate technologies

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The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have revealed some of the state-of-the-art technology they used to locate the illicit treasure troves of criminals across Australia.

The AFP Forensic Search and Imagery Team has – for the first time – detailed some of its most advanced, key forensic technology helping investigators locate and seize illicit drugs, money and other objects hidden by criminals in an attempt to evade law enforcement.

The formerly secretive technology is part of a suite of high-grade AFP assets – including a range of radars, scanners and detectors that can locate items buried underground, concealed within concrete or solid objects and even underwater.

The AFP Forensic Search and Imagery Team has played a significant role in some of the country’s most high-profile investigations, including Operation Ironside and significant money laundering investigations.

Since the capability was established in 2011, AFP Forensic Search and Imagery has assisted a multitude of investigations across the country, locating millions in dirty cash and tonnes of illicit drugs.

AFP’s Crime Scenes Coordinator, Andrew Parkinson said the team prided itself on disrupting crime by locating the illicit treasure troves criminals had attempted to hide.

“Criminals really don’t stand a chance against this sophisticated crime-fighting technology,” he said.

“The items this equipment can help investigators locate constantly surprises us.”

“This capability has been a game changer in the way law enforcement can target and detect illicit items, from thousands of dollars in hidden money, through to piles of illicit drugs, and anything and everything in between.

“Our people have located items buried under houses, under poured concrete and even within the framework of motor vehicles.”

Andrew Parkinson said the team frequently assisted investigations for the AFP’s state, Commonwealth and international law enforcement counterparts.

“The AFP regularly deploys this technology to assist our state, Commonwealth and international law enforcement partners, collaborating on investigations across a variety of crime types to target and identify offenders and their hidden illicit objects, wherever they may be concealed.

He said revealing the existence of this powerful technology should serve as a warning to criminals attempting to conceal illicit items.

“We have enough runs on the board to safely claim the AFP has the technology and the capability to locate and seize your illicit items. There is no such thing as a safe hiding place. If you want to hide something, we will find it, take it from you and bring you to account for any criminal acts.”

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