26 September 2023

A word worth warmth

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Spring is here and so is the bounce into springiness for the clever, cunning, canny and cagey amongst us urging us to get out among the warming weather and unfreeze our winter chilliness.

Leading the way in the public sector was South Australia’s National Parks and Wildlife Service who lost no time promoting the warmness of the winter break-out, encouraging readers to begin the new season’s “camping, bushwalking and water sports like kayaking and fishing”.

Focussing its call on the community to get out and frolic, the NPWS used the State’s frolicly famous Eyre Peninsular as the perfect place to play among the change of climate and it did so with a warm play on words that would make the warmest word player giggle with delight.

How better to break the winter woe than to walk out in the warmth where “Spring is in the Eyre!”


You all deserve a payrise!

End of an era

Sad news for the Commonwealth of Nations in the past week with the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, 96, after 70 years serving as our monarch.

While even the most popular people pass away at some time –it’s part of nature – few will be missed as much as a Queen or King so we have the right to be sad.

With so many issues and events named after our Royal Monarch however, PS-sssst! wonders how many will be changed and what they will be changed to.

Does a Queen’s Counsel lawyer remain a QC now the Q has become a K? Should they remain but as X-QC lawyers perhaps?

And who do we sing about when we call on God to save our gracious Queen? Can a King be gracious?

Who’s going to sit on our $5 notes? And will today’s $5 notes increase in value as they are bound to become a rarity?

And then there’s the question of Australia’s future as a grown-up stand-alone nation.

For the time being however, tradition demands we expose our loyalty.

The Queen has died. God save the Queen!

Misstep at the Ball

On another sad event it’s a fact of life that the population of a country knows they’re in trouble when their Government doesn’t know what day it is!

So it was last week when the national Government dropped its governmental tools to celebrate the annual ‘Midwinter Ball” in the ballroom they call Parliament House in Canberra.

It’s the first time in a couple of years the Ball has been held courtesy of COVID, but even a dose of pandemic doesn’t explain the question mark around the extra-season arrangement.

The ‘winter’ ball was held on 7 September, a date most Australians would assume is in ‘spring’.

We maybe suffering from a climate change that is changing all sorts of events around the planet but what can it be our politicians know that we don’t when ‘winter’ pops up in spring?

Or do they really not know what day it is?

Your pick!

Giving away a Planet

To another of Rama Gaind’s globetrotting giveaways now in which a lucky reader will win a free Lonely Planet trip to the most talked about country in the world at the moment – Scotland – at no cost to themselves whatsoever.

To be the winner of the week, all we had to do was tell Rama the name of Scotland’s most famous son, the answer to which was its bonny poet Robbie Burns.

And the first correct entry to greet the judges was the lucky Ian M from Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Congratulations Ian and thanks to everyone for taking part. Ian’s visit to Scotland will be on its way very soon.

For another chance to scoop up one of Rama’s lucky freebies simply visit her weekly reviews in PS News, one of the Book Homeforce at this PS News link and/or her other equally-lucky review of Book Orphan Rock at this link and give your chance a chance.

In the meantime, good luck to all who do!

He said, she said!

And finally, another selection of witty whimsy now from the hilarious humour of Victoria Department of Health’s Philomena S as she recalls a text of a couple’s call to one another on a cold winter morning.

Wife to husband: “Windows frozen, won’t open.”

Husband back to wife: “Pour some lukewarm water over it and then gently tap edges with hammer.”

Wife to husband 10 minutes later: “Computer really mucked up now.”

PS News: “Till next week….”

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