26 September 2023

101 Lunches with Strangers

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Reviewed by Rama Gaind.

By Kaley Chu, Kaley Chu Publishing, $9.95.

Don’t be scared of a stranger, Kaley tells us. Have lunch with one and it could change your life. That’s what she did in 2018. It was 100 strangers to be exact, who ‘transformed’ her life.

The year before she could be described as being “shy, timid or nice”. Fast forward to a year later and “I honestly cannot believe I’m sometimes described as a ‘social butterfly’ or the girl ‘who can’t stop talking’. My whole life has changed – including my mindset, confidence, social network, goals, and plans. I feel like a brand new, more vibrant version of myself”.

Kaley is not talking about getting rich or famous. “I’m talking about creating a happier, more meaningful and fulfilled life, for myself and those around me. I had an idea, I put it into practice, which turned into an obsession, which turned out to be a life-changing experience.”

The desire was to broaden her network. She had a good idea and took action immediately. It’s a simple way to develop and transform your life, both professionally and personally.

Not only sharing Kaley’s fascinating personal journey, the book features 15 powerful life lessons exploring fear, diversity, patterns, judgements, understanding yourself and more. Kaley also shares the letter she used to ask strangers to lunch, as well as practical tips, reminders and insights to help readers better connect with people and live a more fulfilled life.

Her story and the lesson she shares from these lunches, inspire you to reach out and connect with more people. It shows that life truly begins at the end of your comfort zone!

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